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Crooks & Liars reports on this FOX News poll showing “only” 42% of the country agrees that there’s a “War on Christmas.”


Writes C&L:

It’s pretty bad Mr. O’Reilly, when your constant pounding of the “War on Christmas,’ theme doesn’t even resonate with your own audience.

Except, if I’m not mistaken, this wasn’t just a poll of FOX viewers- this was a poll of the general population. And the fact that 42% of the people in this country think there’s an actual “War on Christmas” is pretty frickin’ scary.

G-Spice adds: …And we won’t stop until the last caroler is hung from the top of the last, burning Christmas tree!

morte do pai natal.jpg
Shut up, kid.

PS: Check out this excellent instructional government Christmas video. Ha ha! Oh, excuse me: ‘Holiday video.’


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Ever get the feeling that some people can’t live without war?


I think you could make the case for the idea that Christmas is under attack if you took exactly the opposite view of O’Reilly.

Christmas is under attack by those who wish to make it a pervasive commercial event. It is being taken away from religious Christians, and given to stores. I say fight back! Give Christmas back to the Christians!

Having Christmas sales in stores is every bit as insulting as having Native American Mascots for college sports teams dancing around a basketball court at half-time. When did we decide to celebrate the birth of the man who drove the moneychangers from the temple with a nearly world-wide orgy of commerce?

I still plan on buying lots of stuff this month, but out of deference to my Christian friends, I will be buying things for the “holidays”, rather than specifically tainting their spiritual event with unseemly materialism.


I say give the Solstice back to the pagans and heathens! They’ve only been ripping off our traditions for 2000 years or so…


Yeah! Commercialize the holiday! Put us back on an equal footing with you Christians who stole the Solstice from us in the first place!

Though of course I will be celebrating Cephalopodmas on the twenty second. I assume it’s okay if we commercialize that. I’ve already started–I have a vampire squid plushie as a tree topper this year.


I’ve had enough experience with American public opinion polling to know that many, if not most, people have a greater impulse to give an answer…any answer rather than simply saying “I don’t know”, which would probably be more honest and common, but carries with it the risk of coming off uninformed…heaven forbid. Does the average person really know if there is a war on Christmas or not? Do they even understand it as it’s being presented by idiots like O’Reilly?

If I were to poll people about an issue like this, I’d first try and find out if they even understand it at all.


Can’t we all get along?

Here’s my take on the
Tree Issue


“A war on Christmas? Isn’t there some Pacific island called Christmas? Might as well say yes, least people think I don’t read the newspapers.”


What the hell kind of a poll question is that anyway — “There is a war on Christmas in the U.S. today — agree or disagree”?! I wonder what they would find if they asked “Do you give a crap and a half if a store clerk says ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’?”


The “War on Christmas” meme invaded my workplace the other day, with hysterical results….

I work at a bank, and we’ve decorated our branch with pretty blinky lights and a sparkly tree with presents underneath it, and we pump Christmas music through the speaker system. We all think it looks gorgeous – me the atheist, my Muslim boss, and all of my Muslim and Hindu coworkers. Even the minority of my coworkers who are Christian like how pretty it is.

The other day, a customer came in who needed to speak to the manager about something. She walked into my poor boss’ office and immediately started in on how pretty our branch looks, and how it was nice to “see some people who weren’t afraid to stand up to the PC forces that run this country”.

I knew this was going to be good, so I hovered around outside the office door to listen. This customer went off on a complete tirade about how this country was being taken over by Muslims with no respect for America or its traditions, and blah, blah, blah…. My boss (who is a peach of a woman) listened to this crap for about ten minutes, before interjecting with “Ma’am? I’m a Muslim, and I decorated this branch myself.”

Man, I wish you could all have been here to witness this….it was a truly priceless moment. The old biddy knew she had just made a fool of herself, and failed utterly in her attempt to get out of the situation with any degree of grace.

My Christmas wish for each and every one of you is that you get to see one of these idiot War on Christmas windbags taken down the way I did.


james wolcott said yesterday,

“Today this nice saleslady handed me the blue Tiffany box she had tied with a ribbon just so and, with a twinkle in her smile, wished me a Merry Christmas. So I socked her.”


You have to recognize the flaw in the question the polesters asked. Many who said they believed there was a war on Christmas were referring to the efforts of Misters FreezeMizer and HeatMizer to thwart Cris Kringle.


But…but…secret conspiracy…George Soros (he’s Jewish you know)…


Jillian, I love it.


I don’t think a Fox news poll is worth the paper it’s written on.


Or in that case, the pixels that make up the graphic.


wow, OT, but if anyone has National Geographic channel, they are showing elephant sex right now.

I used to like the idea of saying ‘Merry fucking Christmas’, but to piss off Conservative (sorry, ‘traditionalist’) jerkoffs I have taken away the ‘Merry’ and the ‘-ing.’ Sometimes I add ‘O’Reilly’s.’ Hence “fuck (O’Reilly’s) Christmas.”

I saw the factor when they trotted out that poll. O’Reilly didn’t seem too down that no one was buying his war on Christmas BS.


I’m a manager at an entertainment store. We have to wear T-shirts reminding people to buy gift cards and Santa hats everyday we work from Black Friday to Christmas. Hear that, ya crazy Christians? I am sacrificing my dignity for your war on Christmas, so do I get a medal or what?

But seriously, I get the feeling the greeting these people actually want is not, “Merry Christmas,” but “Oh, you’re Christian – I’m not worthy. Here, have an extra 15% off.”


shark attack!

-hmm, no effect.

nine eleven.

-hmm, didn;t work

Nine Eleven.

-Damn, they’re still onto me


-uh, uh, uh….



When can we start the war against Xbox?


Thank you all for the belly laughs! And Merry F’ing Christmas to you all.


I got my “bestest evah” X-mas gift a couple of days ago, on Wednesday. A nice lady smashed into my car with hers, crushing my passenger side back door and right rear fender. Ho, ho, ho–I’m feeling so fucking merry! I know–it coulda been a lot worse–I’m completely uninjured, and the car is quite drivable (if ugly-ass now). So huz-fucking-zah. The funny irony part of it is that I had stopped off to pick up a couple of bags of frozen vegetables for my dad on the way back from a doctor’s visit. I had thought to myself, “Do I really feel like stopping to get frozen vegetables? No, not really.” But I did it anyway. It was on the way out of the mall where the grocery store was located that I wound up in the accident. If I hadn’t stopped, I likely wouldn’t have been in an accident. That’s what I get for trying to be thoughtful. So, remember, kids, never be a good Samaritan, ‘cos gawd’ll getcha if you are.



Shitty-cars happen…


Stop whining, Marq. At least you’re still alive to tell the story. Sadly, that’s not so for that grandma that got run over by a reindeer.


I love how the word “neo-con” is supposedly liberal code for jewy jew jewer, yet George Soros, Secular Jew Billionaire Jew Jew is just that, no code word there.



As they say, Marq, no good deed goes unpunished.
Glad you’re not hurt, anyway.
Of course, on some level, we all know that the time and effort we spend doing good deeds means that we’re more likely to suffer as a result–if you never did anything good for anyone, you’d never have bad luck doing it–and we do it anyway.
It’s just part of what makes us human.

So to some extent, we’re all asking for it whenever we do something unselfish. But, that’s one of the things I like about people. We do the right thing now and again, and damn the potential consequences.
That earns a merit badge in my book.


“I saw the factor when they trotted out that poll. O’Reilly didn’t seem too down that no one was buying his war on Christmas BS.”

You know, if I could get forty-odd percent of people to buy into a theory as stupid as “the war on Christmas” I’d be pretty damned happy. I mean, I only wish that many people agreed with me that we should adopt the Aztec religion in America.


I agree with D. Sidhe, just look at me, Marq. Folks turn me into RightWingRoadKill every time I step out into this dark freeway and turn on the headlights of truth, in hopes of enlightening at least one liberal.


All right BLT, That’s quite enough, back under the bridge with you.


There is a war on Christmas … and the two generals spearheading it are Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson….In my whole life, I have never seen such anti-Christ like venom, such unChristmas like attitudes as these two are smearing all over my wonderful season of Advent …
I am fifty eight years old and the only times I have been ‘persecuted’ for Christmas celebrations, the persecution came from other Christians. Once, a couple who were graduates of Bob Jones (and he was an Army chaplain) berated me about the creche – according to them, this was Catholic idolatry… and there have been other incidents always from other ‘Christians’ who didn’t agree with my Church and theology …
On the other hand, I have had atheists, Jews, and Muslims go out of their way to wish me “A Blessed time” ..


I’m not surprised moonbatlulu. Christians aren’t any better than anybody else. Sometimes we’re worse. That’s why we’re Christians. We realize that without a Savior, we’re screwed. Merry Christmas! I’m heading back under the bridge for the night. Don’t say I never took any of your advice, Timmah!


Gee Zeus will forgive all doc bacon sammies sins so he can say whatever he wants. All us heathens better get that right, see?


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