I Should Trash Limp Bizkit More Often

I really should. The last time I did, it attracted a bunch of hilariously pissed-off comments from a small legion of Fred Durst fans. Here are the highlights:


Posted by: Dan | November 30, 2005 03:52 PM

hey bro….if that was the most painfull thing u’ve ever heard, then u are absolutely with no expirionce in life, go stab ur balls with a fork or smth, that will probobly be more painfull, glad to help u out man, anytime

oh ye by the way FUCK YOU

Posted by: LimpHaterssuckmylargecock | November 30, 2005 07:41 PM

I hope your kidding… this song is amazing.. I think you can all burn in hell… think for yourselves not everyone else.. I remember how bizkit sold like 20million copies of significant other and Chocolate starfish even results may vary sold a million yet no one ever seems to admit they used to love limp bizkit… there all media drones… You can take this stupid ass page with all these stupid ass haters and burn in hell…

Posted by: Adam Fisher | December 1, 2005 02:24 AM

agree with adam fisher

Posted by: poo | December 1, 2005 04:22 AM

Fuckin’. Rad.

That does it- I’m gonna start getting Google News Alerts for Fred Durst just so I can make fun of every stupid little thing he does. I want the Limp Bisquick fans to become a regular feature here- they’re almost as fun as the Neo-Nazis.


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Reading those messages made me want to go stab my balls with a smth.

LA Confidential Pantload

Ur-balls….precursors of real balls….


What an absurd notion, Brad. I don’t think you could find enough time in the day to make fun of every stupid thing that Durst does.

But on the other hand, who can argue with the profound defense put forward by “poo”?


You should make it a regular thing, like a “Stupid Limp Bizkit Moment of the Week”.
You’ll never want for material, that’s for certain.
Rap metal, in general, sucks ass- and Durst is one of the worst offenders.


Guy – I tend to agree about ‘rap metal,’ but what are your thoughts on Rage against the Machine? I was always kind of pissed that people wanted to lump them with Limp Bizkit.


When poo agrees with you, you know you’re right.


Limp Bizkit…i forget, weren’t they one of those “boy bands”?


Hey Ianua Ditis!

Yew suksz! How can you hate on Rage Aginast the Machene? They are awsome, tehy rule! All yew HATERZ should just go die! Your a buch of, um, let’s see, FAGS! Oh yeah, not only that, but FAGS who are GAY! So how do ya like them apples?

So how’d I do?


I happen to disagree with you, but we can discuss it over a nice cup of honey


Not a huge Rage fan, though I don’t find them repulsive like I do Durst and Bizkit.
Interestingly enough, I like some of Body Count’s stuff (Cop Killa and K.K.K. Bitch are classics!), but not much else in the genre.
It’s not my bag- kind of like scream metal and most modern country music or hip-hop- It don’t move me atall.


major woody – not too bad, except you spelled my name right.


you know, fags are OK. gay fags are OK too. homo gay fags start to bug me, but it’s the nancy homo gay fags i have probs with.


If you really want to read some other fun stuff about morons like Durst and other angry white kid posers, check out buddyhead


How about that Arcade Fire?

What a teeny, bobing, happy horse band.


hey bro….if that was the most painfull thing u’ve ever heard, then u are absolutely with no expirionce in life, go stab ur balls with a fork or smth, that will probobly be more painfull, glad to help u out man, anytime

Okay, I’m gonna throw a dipshit a bone here. You’re right, LHSMLC, Limp Bizkit’s songs are slightly less painful than stabbing oneself in the balls with a fork.

Now see if you can figure out what you won.


if that was the most painfull thing u’ve ever heard, then u are absolutely with no expirionce in life, go stab ur balls with a fork

As painful as it is to think about actually doing it, I can’t imagine that the sound of a fork going through one of my testicles would approach the sound of Limp Bizkit on the audio pain scale.

But then again, “LimpHaterssuckmylargecock” may have a lot more experience in this field.


Oh Gavin, so cold. Are you hating on Arcade Fire? You know they’re Canadian, right? They turn your barbs to flowers.


Face it Sadly, you’re just doing it all for the nookie.


Yeah, so you can take that cookie…


“So this chick just broke my heart and lied to me etc., but I’m gonna pretend that I did it all for the nookie and stuff, but the last two verses were how she made me sad, so you believe me when I say I just was hittin’ that, right?”


Duuuuuuude #1: You totally missed the best comment down there:
you suck man!!!!!
thats all what i have to say about you and your page. fuck off limp bizkit

Posted by: woo4u | November 30, 2005 09:28 PM
I have no idea who he/she/it is actually trying to insult*, Sadly or Limp Bizkit?

Duuuuuuude #2: Jeez, that nazi-thread still alive? Been going for almost a year now…
Attracting a new, superior form of troll is definitely a wise move, the nazis are getting stale.

Also, rap metal? Meh.
I rather liked Rage back in the day, when the internets hadn’t yet made me too bloated and lazy to jump around – And of course, the old Run-D.M.C. crossovers are pure gold.
But admittedly, most of what is put out these days is rather crappy.

*hating on, I believe is the technical term


Whazzup with the “burn in hell if you don’t worship Fred Durst” shite? Are these some kind of hopped up white rap metal-lovin’ KKKristians? I mean I would expect a lot f comebacks from these mouth breathers, but “burn in hell” wasn’t among them. What a bunch of limp bizkits…


Brad, although I’m not sure I know who Fred Durst is (is he the guy who played Freddie in the Scooby-Doo movie?), as a service to your many readers who are Limp Bizkit fans, I found this
2001 MTV interview. Here’s a snippet:

I’ve had my problems with whoever I’ve had them with, and whoever had their problem with me or Limp Bizkit. [But] I’m a human being, and I’m prepared to step up to that. All of my differences are gone now. I care about you being alive, and I want you to care about me being alive.

Brad, he wants you to care about him being alive. So, I think that means more posts.


Fags are OK, so long as they’re not gay. Is that what the bone head was trying to say?


I heard Fred Durst and his brother threw the lamest parties when they were in high school in Gastonia, NC.

Carrot Top was the much better celebrity to come from there.


Limp Bizkit? I thought they were the ABBA tribute band?


agree with yosef


Rage Against the Machine was one of the few rock bands that had an Ivy League graduate for a lead guitarist. I knew Tom Morello a little bit in school, though I doubt he would remember me.

No reason to mention it, other than to reveal one of my few brushes with greatness.


Limp Bizkit? Try Viagra.


Whatever you do, don’t make fun of Kansas at PZ Myers’s place.


stabbing yourself in the balls with a fork can’t be as painful as listening to limp bizkit.

we’re talking about a guy who claims that he sleeps with chicks that he didn’t.

that’s pretty pathetic, especially for a rock star.

he claimed britney spears slept with him.

he claims she came to his studio when no one else was around in lingerie.

he also claims angelina jolie was either calling him or sending him love letters.

he claimed this after ms. spears denied his claims. he went on about how his heart was broken and how he was moving on to ms. jolie because she was interested in him.

it’s pretty sad when you’re a rock star and you still can’t get chicks.


hey, it may be too late for anyone to read it on this thread, but I just heard on MTV U that Limp Bizkit is alleging that Scott Stapp of Creed started a bar fight with them.

What would you give to see that fight? (And how would you decide who to root for?)


oh, nevermind, it was 311. I don’t like them much either, but they definitely arent as corny as Limp Bizkit…


we need more celebrity death matches.


I don’t think Limp Bizkit is kewl anymore these days. You might attract more trolls if you trash a more popular shitty band, like Good Charlotte, Fallout Boy, or Nickelback. I’m not sure, though. The mall crowd may have abandoned even those wankers for some new flavor of the month. So hard to stay on the cutting edge of lame music.


Oh god I hate Nickelback so much. so much.
What has happened to rock and roll?


What has happened to rock and roll?

Right! Bring back the good ol’ days of Wilson Phillips and Hanson!


Fuck U limp bizkit revolusionised music and if u cant handle there genios then u should go back to listning to Britney!!

Hrm … that was surprisingly difficult. There’s quite an artform to that.

Kiche, I think you know just a little bit too much about this 😉


elendi – You’re right, I had you pegged for a fake limp bizketer right away, there’s a certain kind of concentrated stupid, a certain je ne sais quoi, that comes out when these fanboys try to defend what is argueably, one of the most annoying lead singers in the history of sound.
Also, he’s a total whiny “Oh me oh my, I’m soooo misunderstood.” drama queen. He has a blog. Find it if you dare.


Elendi’s subterfuge was transparent for the additional reason that the band’s full name was used. To be truly l33+ you may refer to them as either “limp” or “bizkit” but never both.


Big Worm is so not 1337!


I don’t think Limp Bizkit is kewl anymore these days. You might attract more trolls if you trash a more popular shitty band, like Good Charlotte, Fallout Boy, or Nickelback.

Yeah, but they’re not as DUMB as Bizkit fans. The only other people comparably stupid are Creed fans.


Timmah420 – Woohoo, success! I found the blog and it’s a treat. Ahem:
consistency of one’s integrity is key, all else can evolve and change for good or ill but integrity implies a geniune state of moral soundness. you can do nothing wrong to impede a relationship of love if it is your barometer. not all love is lasting though. the universe knows best.

“the universe knows best”. Deep.


Thanks for the tip Big Worm 😉 You know, I feel kind of bad making fun of bizkit fans considering that I was guilty of similar crimes at that age. Crappy music, greasy hair, and faux angst. Ah, youth.


elendril, I thought I was alone with my teenage memories of faux angst. So I take it you were into Wham just like me?


Dr. BLT — Wham? Er, no. You’re on your own there.


Hehe, okay sorry Dr BLT, that was mean of me 😉 If we’re in dorky confessional mode… let’s just say that was quite a few years before I found out that the correct quote was “with stranger eons even death may die”.


Big Worm is so not 1337!

Oh yeah? Then what’s this Linkin Park CD doing in my player? Huh?


I ran into Carrot Top in Vegas. He was picking up his luggage with the limo drive taking him the MGM Grand. You do not f*ck with Carrot Top. That guy works out. Seriously, he’s huge.


Limp Bizkit fans are the best kind of trolls.

First of all, you can safely discard anything they say about you because, hey, they listen to Limp Bizkit. You’re cooler then them even if you are listening to that Hanson mixtape you made up.

This is true with the neo-nazis; You’re pretty much smarter and better looking and more well liked then they are, but with neo-nazis you always worry that maybe one of them will actually go nuts and burn a cross on somebody’s lawn.

But what the hell are Limp Bizkit fans going to do?

No other kind of troll gives you that feeling of complete superiority.


Sorry elindil, when you said “faux angst,” I just assumed we were on the same page as Wham! Don’t you hear just a little faux angst in Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!?


About five years ago I was at my favorite hangout bar, and a guy we ended up playing darts with tried to start a fight with me ’cause he thought I said something bad about that shitty band. I hadn’t said anything, but in the interest of a peaceful evening we calmed him down and bought him a beer.
There’s a strong undercurrent of male insecurity in guys that need that over-the-top macho pop culture icon. And yeah, Durst sucks.


I figure y’all might find this hard to believe, but there are actually dumber fanbases than Limp’s. ICP’s, for example…


Being from Detroit I can concur that ICP fans (who, I believe call themselves Juggaloos) are a group all their own. We also gave you Kid Rock, and I apologize for that, too.


The first Limp Bizkit thread is still going hot & heavy at around 75 comment posts. The insults are flying in all directions, and, boy, those Bizkit Boiz sure got my number! I’m so embarrassed!


“What has happened to rock and roll?”

Most of it truly sucks these days, but there are exceptions.

System of a Down is refreshing, original, ranges from very heavy to classical-sounding and their lyrics are politically charged.




Ooh–robo-stiffy-pill spampostings! Neato! What attracted it to this thread? Could it be the mention of… LIMP BIZKIT?!?


Personally, Im a big fan of Levitra Levitra Actress. She was great in “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”


ICP = Insane Clown Posse


Oh shit, This dan guy just posted his site in the old thread.

Look what this rocket scientist has on his site

“sometimes i question my exsistence and purpose in life. The more i question myself the more i become lost in myself because there are no answers. i think the key is to realize that life is temporary and spending life questioning life is a waist of life”

that quote by fred durst fills me up inside and keeps me going.

I think I just ruptured my spleen laughing. That’s either a hilarious parody or a horrible mistake.


Oh, great, Seb or someone deleted the Levitra robot posts, so now I look like a n00b. Fortunately, I usually look pretty much like that anyway. 😛


D’oh! I’ve called the spambots down upon us! Sorry, everyone!


Yes, you’ll be blind, but at least you’ll have a hard-on!


If I had some idea how many comments were in this thread, I’d try to keep it going until it at least hit 100, but it seems relatively dead-in-the-water. Oh, well.


Tough luck, my friend!


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