Dep’t of Totally Burying the Lede

Blabber-blabber, yell-yell, Harry Reid said that he heard Osama Bin Laden might be dead. Bla-bla, ‘classified information,’ Harry Reid = bad, yak-yak, mutter, shriek, bloviate.

Sugg. headline: ‘Bin Laden Dead?’

You’d imagine that the WingNet would be interested in that aspect of the story. Strangely, Not!


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But I thought wingnuttia was still all hopped up about who leaked the secret CIA gulag story… oh wait, that turned out to be GOP Senators.

Next leak!


There is exactly one commentator linked/cited by Pajamas who has a rational response to this story. Dave Weigel — about whom I know nothing — seems to have cottoned to the fact that there has been speculation all over the news since the earthquake that Osama might have been caught in it.

All the rest of those numbnuts (numbnutses? numbnutsim?) are trying to make Reid into Mata Hari. Good luck, wingnuts!


Yeah, this idle, uninformed speculation is just as bad as running over a CIA agent for political traction. This scandal is like the younger, retarded brother of the Valerie Plame one. Keep trying little guys! You’ll make it some day…


holy crap…

how do they all so uniformily have the same misguided opinion?

do they all get together beforehand and take readings from the jizz in each other’s hair?


Would want Osama’s mom to be upset by the announcement of his demise. The insanity of this guys is as usual, stunning.


No, you don’t get it. If they know we know he’s dead, then it’s not as useful as if they think we think he’s still alive. I mean, it’s better if we know he’s dead, but they don’t know we know, you know?


For God fucking sakes!

I read this in the newspaper ON OCTOBER 12.

In The freaking newspaper. What secret is there? Idiots.


Only in the Wingnut mind could the possibly great news about Public Enemy #1 dying be turned into an attack against a Democrat.


Hey, it’s Dave Weigel of “” fame. If you check Powerline (and who doesn’t?), John Fund has emailed those guys in defense of his story. Short version: His story’s bogus. He’s finding new details in the video tape (which he obviously didn’t watch when he wrote his story) to defend the “Reid is leaking classified info” angle while not actually proving the “Reid is leaking classified info” angle.

I e-mailed Scott at Powerline to point this out, and here’s one additional point I made to him – isn’t Fund’s idea that the government told Reid that bin Laden was dead, on condition that he couldn’t tell anyone, kind of nuts? When has the government ever covered up the news of a major terrorist’s death? Don’t they kind of trumpet it around the world immediately?


Don’t tell anyone but I think Hitler’s dead too. And I think there’s something wrong with the Titanic….


And my understanding is that the Shah is no longer in power in Iran.


And Generalissimo Francisco Franco? Still dead!


He’s Marq, and you’re not. I appreciate the hell out of that joke.


And if bin Laden was killed in the earthquake, he would have been living in Pakistan, yes? The loyal ally of Dubya in the war on terra, right? Oh, if only Fearless Leader would make it all better with another speech!


Dave, they only trumpet Zarqawi’s number two being dead. That mofo is REALLY hard to kill.


Rumor has it that some individual named Al Kaida is responsible for these terra problems!


…Whoops, wrong forum.

Oh well, as long as I am here, I will tell a joke.

What is the difference between the USA and the man who unclogs the toilets?

There is no difference! They are both always taking out Zarqawi’s number-twos!

Now I will go over to Newsmax for some real fun.


reading the jizzm in their hair. HAHAHA thanks for the laugh.


But I thought we didn’t care about Bin Laden anymore. He’s like Fred Durst these days.


i like how the wingnuts consider bin laden being dead “blowing it”.

can we start calling republicans traitors now?


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