Lieberman on Imus

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“You’re going straight to Hell, Senator. Ha ha ha!”

[Google = broken, elsewise there would be a graphic of Lieberman sweating in Hell.]

Oho, the worm turns.

[Update: Bush GraphxXx tip from Johnny Bardine.]

What a fun day. It’s just all out there in the open, today, doing the Charleston in its underwear.


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Hey, this is off-topic, but this photo is worth mentioning.


Good God. He’s just completely divorced from reality. I actually like most moderate Democrats, honestly, but this is goddamn embarrassing.


Imus is almost a neocon himself; it’s nice to hear him giving so much hell to DINO Joe. I can’t beleive that guy is my Senator.

He is, according to Sean Hannity, one of the ‘good’ Democrats.


Holy Joe cited a stat at at least one point of his recent victory blitz that 2/3 of Iraqis said they were better off now than under Saddam. If this is true, That would put Saddam’s retrospective approval rating at about 33%, a mere three points or so fewer than the Boy King’s current approval rating. Hey, math really IS fun.


My favorite line was Imus saying “Somebody must have something on you” to Mr. Mentum.


I went over and watched the video of Imus interviewing Our Man Joe, and his treatment of Lieberman was just short of inducing organ failure. Now, I’m as lefty as they come, a real pinko socialist. But I have to admit to a guilty pleasure; I like listening to Imus while I drive to work. He and his sidekicks are crude, yes, but often very funny, and he has his redeeming qualities.

For all his many faults, he at least strikes me as being honest, as far as he goes. For example, I disagree completely with his stance that torture should be an option in interrogations, but he’s up front about it. Many times, he has interviewed Republican politicians or other Bush apologists who claim that “we don’t condone torture”, and he responds with words to the effect that “of course we do, you liar.”

It has been fascinating to follow his growing disillusionment with, first, the Iraq war, and second, the Bush administration (who he was never very fond of to begin with). I suspect many right-leaning folk are like him, once they realized the depths of dishonesty and incompetence this administration has fallen to, they withdrew any support they had for BushCo. Looks good for the Dems in 2006 and 2008, as long as GWB “stays the course”. Perhaps Bushes epitaph should be, “If I’ve lost Imus, I’ve lost the country.”


I’ve hated Joe ever since he got onto his “Video games need to be censored” kick. What a pussy that guy is, can’t even take a real position and stick with it, just regurgitates other people’s issues.


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