Will fame ruin Dr. BLT?

Looks like Powerline are his main boys now.

But they can’t take away the memories! No, we’ll always have the time we spent together…


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What next? Will they start linking to PeoplePolitical? Actually, they probably will…


I’ll always remember the time with fondness.

No, wait, vaguely annoyed indifference.

I always get those two confused.


Birds of a feather….


I’ll miss the sound of his ass, hitting the door.

I wonder if his ass has a callous from that door?


I started with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Good Lord Almight, this is worse than Norwegian Wood.


a hoochie will always come back.


It was bound to happen. Where else can BLT find the right audience for his music, except among three white, tin-eared male conservatives?

Get it a-on, PowerTools. The Doctah is in the muthuhfuckin’ hizzouse!


Unfortunately, Blog of the Year hasn’t figured out hyperlinks yet, so the other 2 songs are linked incorrectly.

However, Arnold’s Christmas Tree can be heard here. It is only notable for the rather funny Arnold impersonation at the beginning. After that, the song is crap.


What did you guys do to drive him to another blog’s arms?


He calls Schwartzeneger ‘the Triminator’ in one of his songs?

That’s some lame ass shit right there, man; some lame, lame ass shit.


Actually, I’d be glad to have those memories taken away, as they’re too inconsequential to take up valuable cerebral space.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Ugh. The unsynchronized background vocals are the woist! Not to mention comFORT…

Jerry Garcia used to do a wordless version of that song that was pretty sweet. You used to be able to get it on the internets, but apparently his ex-wife and the rest of the cunts in the band have conspired to take their music off of the internet archives and keep it to themselves.

So Garcia’s ‘heirs’ are only giving it away for money, while Dr. BLT gives it away for free.

Also, I heard this weekend (in the wake of my Mets trading for one of the few MLB players with genuine balls) that Mike Piazza once said that meeting Rush Limbaugh was like meeting the Pope. (BTW, he actually met the pope too, and still said this!)

So as far as I’m concerned, Christmas is ruined…

Fuck Christmas (and O’Reilly)


He’s also made a fan or two in the “outsider” music community, where he’s compared favorably to the late Wesley Willis.


I’m shocked. I’m speechless. I have not one thing to say in response to this post.


I have time for just a brief comment, and then I have a limo to catch. Seriously, I still love you guys. Besides, I’ve always been one or two steps behind fame and fortune and I will likely never catch up. There’s always at least one mistake in every song. Also, I make too many typos in my song links and only those with a burning passion for my music bother to explore other ways of finding the songs. Though the diligent ones have unusually high IQs, they are few in number.

The link errors on Power Line were at least partly my fault. For example, on Christmas Tree Hugger, I put an extra / (slash) in what should read:

The above link should get you there. The slash was a Freudian slip and the implications should be obvious.

Please don’t abandon me, just because I’ve been caught cheating a couple of times. I wasn’t getting enough love here so I had to go elsewhere to find it.

Here comes my limo. Dr. BLT is about to leave the building.


Hey, Limo man, please take the next right. I’m on my way to Power Line.




Shhh! I’m sitting in the limo’s complimentary fridge and he doesn’t even know it


Now *that* is hilarious. You all know that BLT is a Andy Kaufman-esque Internet performer, right? Sing it, Doc! Reel em in!


Oh, Eddie Murphy, don’t put a banana in that tailpipe!


BLT compared to Wesley Willis?! Not a fucking chance! BLT couldn’t sniff his jock. Freak-Out Hell Bus is better than any of BLT’s songs, and that’s just one within Willis’s mighty arsenal.


Powerline called the unkosher one’s Merle Haggard song “rousing”?

Well, I suppose reverse peristalsys does rouse the contents of your stomach, so I guess it works…..


Powerline called the unkosher one’s Merle Haggard song “rousing”?

Well, his prose can be somewhat turgid.

Captain Smartypants

He’ll be back…he’s a natural bottom.


Did ya note the propaganda down the right side of that site? A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without miracle whip.


Or the cheese.


It has come to our attention that Dr. BLT has picked up three stalkers since this thread was posted. Each of the stalkers has been sighted via RWBGOA intelligence night vision gear following Dr. BLT to a recording session with the extant Beatles in a secluded area near Liverpool. One was seen throwing rotten tomatoes, the other burnt bacon, and the other left-over lettuce. One was overheard yelling out, “Don’t record with Dr. BLT, he’s a right-winger!” Now, we at RWBodyGuardsofAmerica are not in the business of jumping to conclusions, but if any of the stalkers happen to be “Sadly, no!” bloggers, we strongly encourage you to respect Dr. BLT’s privacy.


BLT is toasted bread slathered with mayo. Add fried sliced pork belly and vegetable matter in between. Cut in half, serve with chips.


Hey doc,

You still lurkin’ out there? Nice of them to give you your own thread, huh? Didn’t get a chance to listen to that song. The link you posted didn’t take.


I don’t hang out here anymore, mr. x. I’m a recovering trollaholic. But the road to recovery is occasionally blocked, so I often take detours. When I do, I stop here for a relapse, before hitting the road again.

If you ever have any trouble getting a link to work, just go to the bottom of my web page and hit the link that says:
Dr. BLT’s Free mp3 jukebox. I usually offer at least 50 of my latest, my greatest, and my most hated tunes for free on that jukebox. “Christmas Tree Hugger” is right there with “Arnold’s Christmas Tree” and “You’re Not the Kind of Ho that Santa Had in Mind” in the Holiday Songs section:

Mr. X, you seem a little more compassionate than most folks who hang out here. Are you sure you’re not a conservative?


Oh, the stories I could tell you. I transcend convention and politics. I certainly don’t believe in them enough to get upset about anything. I could tell you about my political views, but hey, that would only lead to strife. Let’s just call me an independent thinker. I’ll try to check out your page. Talk at you later.


Well, I visited your home page. I couldn’t get any of your songs to load, though.(maybe it’s me) The only one I could get from the link to powerline was Arnold’s Xmas tree. It was ok. I had some friends in several different local bands, years ago. They used to play at bars and (keg) parties. I worked security and drank beer (mostly drank beer). Did you do vocals and play guitar? Anyway, thanks for the entertaining song.


mr. x, Arnold’s Christmas Tree is definately not one of my best songs, it may even be among my very worst, but some find it entertaining. When it comes to downloading songs, it’s all about how much experience you’ve had in downloading stuff, and what your system is set up to handle. Some folks can download the songs in a matter of seconds, for others, it’s about 1/2 hour, and others can’t seem to get any of the songs downloaded, or even heard for that matter. I appreciate your interest. If you want to hear more songs, maybe a friend could help you out.

To answer your question, I do vocals and play guitar on the songs I think I can handle, although sometimes I may be not be the best judge of that. I also have some very talented singers who have covered some of my songs. Some of those are on the free mp3 jukebox. When it comes to music, everyone has a role to play, even if the role is listening, kicking back, and drinking beer.


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This is so last decade’s Dr. BLT.


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