The Madness Must Stop

First it was Ralph Nader. Then it was Jesse Jackson. Now Arlen Specter has come to T.O.’s defense.

Oh well, at least it’s not just kooky left-wingers anymore…


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Specter wouldn’t blast the Eagles just because the owner (Jeff Laurie) and the team’s president (Joe Banner) are liberal Democrats, would he? Sure he would, that opportunistic SOB.

Banner sits on the board of City Year and that organization is one of the beneficiaries of the Eagles charitable efforts every year.

And being a Jewish woman myself I have particular loathing for Specter. Until Norm Coleman was elected from Minnesota, Specter was the only Jewish Senator who was a Republican.

Of course that Senatorial seat will go to a liberal Jewish Democrat when Franken runs against him.

And oh yeah, FRIST! (I always wanted to do that.)


being from PA, i find it disconcerting that the head of the judicial committe is commenting on TO, a man that claims he needs to renegotiate his 49 million dollar contract because he has a family to take care of. if you add this with the sexual fixations of rick “man-on-dog” santorum, i fear for the commonwealth. on the other hand, we also have representative murtha. maybe there is hope.


Linda, I am in the same boat with regards to the disdain by Jewish women. Unfortunately, Arlen is a self hating Jew. His mother did not tell him enough all the mistakes he has made and why Bubie is disappointed with him. Plain and simple.

In terms of this being a shock, hardly! Pennslytuckey, the Mississippi of the east, as I coined it, is a shady place. It’s a poor state with sinking abandoned coal mines, corrupt politicians and school districts that grant the first day of hunting season off. (Sorry a.j., I know it’s home).

Ernie Preate, the biggest crook of them all, from Scranton personifies the B.S. well. When he was brought up on charges his response to the judge during sentencing was to request a minimum security facility in either Las Vegas or Florida.

There you have it…


can i request an exemption for certain places east of harrisburg? you know, everything that’s not east ohio?


People are being very unfair to Sen. Specter. He drafted Owens very high in his fantasy football league, and now the poor senator is being forced to start Marty Booker.

With the fantasy playoffs just around the corner, I’m surprised Specter hasn’t sent the PA Nat’l Guard over to Eagles HQ!

What’s that? The Guard’s in Iraq? Never mind.


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