Another One Bites the Dust

Another GOP crook bites the dust.

Looks like major indictments are becoming monthly events.


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It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.



Typical of the MSM to waste everyone’s time reporting this when they should be petitioning our leaders to invade Iran or putting Ayn Rand on our currency.


Amblongus, there is nothing amblogulous about your response. However, haven’t you ever heard of multi-tasking? There’s no reason “reporting this” has to mean putting those other two items on the back burner.


You’re obsessed with us aren’t you BLT? You just can’t stay away.

Oh well, it could be worse. Crooks and Liars just inherited Stanley Rosenthal. Any troll who’s got a website dedicated to his trolling has to be trouble.


Random Guy, I prefer to use the term “intrigued” rather than obsessed, but basically you’re on the right track.


Remind me to turn down one of those high level government jobs if I ever happen to be offered one.


Two sentences worth of coverage in a blog seems about right. A GOP Congressman took bribes from defense contractors? Not particularly newsworthy. Must be Tuesday.

Grandiloquent, Opportunistic Profiteers


Looks like major indictments are becoming monthly events.

Ahh, screw monthly! Let’s get the pace up to weekly by next September!


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