Riley Decter

That’s a sentence, inter alia.

What Froghouse said here. (On Vietnam, and on the seemingly deathless ‘stab in the back’ narrative that’s emitted year after year by figures such as Midge Decter — wherein, in very sight of victory, war critics left John Rambo to rot in the jungle.)

The operant term is ‘historical illiteracy,’ although it’s always difficult to tell with these people whether they’re genuinely hairball-dumb or only miming.

I try not to do quickie me-too posts, but after Riley finishes with Midge Decter here, there’s nothing left but to sift through the ashes and charred bone chips.

And the bone chips are delicious!


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She’s awful. Always has been. She wrote the most homophobic essay EVER in the late 70s, called “The Boys on the Beach”, which is not online but Rittenhouse used to email it if asked.


Well, I’ve really done it now.


Stab in the back . . . historical revisionism . . . blaming domestic enemies for the failure of war . . . this all sounds like attitudes in 1920s Germany, doesn’t it?

Next up, we’ll start hearing about the US military had to leave Vietnam because of gays and illegal immigrants.


I like the picture of the Monkees. I’ve always loved that band. Aren’t they the ones that came out with that song that goes, “All we are saying, is give war a chance?” No, on second thought, I think that was the Beatles. No, on third thought, I think that was, and is, me misquoting John Lennon. Did everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving? Peace! I’m outa here.


C’mon, Timmah. We all know RETARDO is really you. Why not just come out with it?


I think my head is going to explode. I went to this post and found the freepers singing praises to 50 cent. !?!


C’mon, Timmah. We all know RETARDO is really you. Why not just come out with it?
BLT- I wish. He’s brilliant.


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