I’m busy today like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, so here’s an exciting title card for upcoming attractions.* In lieu of, like, actually writing anything. Which is hard.

Also in the news, the imponderably underappreciated Retardo keeps busting out the jams, all the way down the page. The fact that he makes fun of us in passing is merely the pickle atop the sundae. Link to him already, y’all blog-swabbers! He’s the smartest guy we know, and since that includes me, that’s saying a mouthful of persimmons, or some such phony-archaic phrase.

…And as I write this, I notice that it’s exactly 4:20. Could there be a better time to visit the old Elementropy? There could not be.

* That’s Justin Darr in the pic, for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of his acquaintance.


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Do you plan to add him to YOUR blogroll?

just sayin’

(honored, and I just noticed, btw)


Thanks, Gavin. My jaw’s still sore from when I showed my appreciation for you linking to me last time, so you’ll have to wait on your “reward” as far as that goes. However, I’ll keep the bong fires burning for you. puff puff.

The things I do for links, blackmailing Seb, sleeping with Brad, giving BJs to my more famous competitors…it makes me feel like Debbie Schlussel. But as a wise man said, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.


Hey Retardo, Jonah Goldberg shot a music video to that song.


When I see the big word FAILURE I think of the Kings of Convenience song:

“Failure/it’s always the best way to learn”

They said it. We’re learning a lot in Iraq.


“If Iraq is So Bad, Why Aren’t We Pulling Out of Detroit?”

Justin seems to not quite understand the phrase “logical fallacy”.


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