Well, this should help to improve US-France relations

Le Monde reports (translation ours:)

There was a secret US prison in Kosovo in 2002 […]


In 2002, more than a hundred prisoners were held in what was KFOR’s main detention center, with rules that were often arbitrary. […] Rules in place allowed commanders to stop and detain anyone for 30 days (renewable at the commander of KFOR’s discretion…

At least four members of North African origin of an Islamic humanitarian organization were detained at Camp Bondsteel.


The Member of Parliament of the Council of Europe responsible for the report on the secret CIA prisons believes satellite images would make it feasible to confirm the possible existence in Europe of these prisons.


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Just one more thing for the LGFers and Michelle Malkins of the world to ignore, rationalize or deny.


What, I don’t believe it. And I am not a “LGFer” nor a Malkin.
Muslims in Kosovo serve in the United States best interest when they slaughter “anti-semitic” “anti-christian” Russian Children.
America is still in cold war with nationalist Russia and the Balkin states.
They already ethnically cleansed Serbs out of Serbia, and are currently working on ethnically cleansing Serbs out of Montenegro.

Unlike Iraq, drumming up support for genocide in Russia would be easy, the “liberal” side of the lukid world government party have no qualms whatsoever slaughtering white peoples.

Neocons want war with Russia. The serbian genocides were lies originated by the US government, same as “iraqi WMDs”, oddly people believe the “evil slavs” propaganda, take the government at it’s word. It is, I assume, blind anti-white stupidity of rich white American Christians.

A Inter-Slavic empire should form a partnership with China to dominate the world, and make the United States (a non-nation undeserving of its world power status) its Bitch. I welcome being enslaved by a ultra-nationalistic people with a forward thinking mentality.


Thank you. Between your tip-off and Bablefish, I should be able to construct a good blog entry about this.


Wow, I don’t even know where to start with that one. Or do I?

Sadly, Yes If you have Google Earth, the ICBM-address is 42o21’39” N by 21o14’36” E. Thoughtfully, half the camp is in high-resolution, so you can count the HMMWVs outside the barracks.

Or how bout this? or how bout this?

I guess global warming is just a myth too eh?

PS: Just in case you miss the prison in those photos, lemme give you a little hint.
If you’re going to be a troll, try to be a troll that knows what he’s talking about.


that last comment was directed to Jihad for the future of course, I forgot to mention him by name.

The Rev. Schmitt.

A Inter-Slavic empire should form a partnership with China to dominate the world

My God. Think of the insanely disproportionate global power that would come with uniting so many horrendously poor people. They could starve to death in Goddamn droves, man, droves.



That is the funniest goddam thing i’ve ever heard.


Of course those pan-Slavenic folks have such a longs-standing, warm and affectionate history with the Chinese/Mongols that I am quite sure this alliance would go swimmingly.


Aw, now that they’ve gone and blabbed all about it it’s not really a secret anymore is it?

I don’t see why America should trust those dam ferriners with any more of our secrets if they can’t keep their yaps shut.


RWRK: a “troll” is a person who posts arguments just because they enjoy arguing. On a liberal board, a troll would be a RWer who posts RW talking points just to start a flame war. It’s a variation on “troller.”



Don’t bother with rightwingroadkill, it’s BLT. Click his name.


It’s made up. I still don’t believe the United States would detain its muslim allies commiting American and Israeli approved atrocities against the anti-pope, anti-west Slavs who worship the “pagan” religion of Christian orthodoxy.

The Pat Robinsons and Murray Cohens have always had a vandetta against them. Slavs are just as European as you or me, unlike “french rioters”, or “American Looters”.


who the hell is Murray Cohen? Head of the the shawdow government?


Look man, I sent satillite photos. You can count the fucking hummers. It’s been a humanitarian issue since the serb-bosnian conflict. If you want to be an idiot and keep spewing nonsense, be my guest, deny the fucking holocaust too for all I care. I’ve learned that you can give crackpots all the evidence in the world and they’ll still deny the sun rises in the east. Fucking Whatever.


Wow, good evidence. (Sarcasm)
Just like when the white house points at a its own “high resolution” lies and goes, “hey there’s an atrocity here, here, and here”

Why would the US detain its evil “anti-semitic” slav-killing allies in the region?

I guess global warming is just a myth too eh?
Nice Ad Hominem, did I ever say I was a israel-can-do-no-wrong pro-iraq-war flag waiver? I hate Israel, and it’s American Shabbos goy squad (the freeperi) with all my guts.


It’s not just the satellite photos, it’s been in the news for quite some time now, and with secret prisons all over europe, I don’t think it’s a stretch.
At any rate, you’re a racist, and I’d rather have nothing to do with you, I thought I recognized that screen name.


It’s made up. I still don’t believe the United States would…

I don’t understand. Who cares what you believe or don’t believe?

I mean, you’re just a pencil-necked pan-Slavic pea-brain drooling over a sticky keyboard. Who gives a shit?


Ahem, Why would the US detain its “evil anti-semitic slav” killing allies in the region?

It may be a cage and release system. Islamic fundamentalists are hard to deal with, so they were caged, and then released into Slavic neighborhoods to freely slaughter Slavic children, much like a Velociraptor from Jurrasic Park, they poked the Islamic fundamentalist to make it extra angry. Mmm Slav-flesh!

The rare times Americans were on the ground (they played the whole thing in the sky, with no proof of any “atrocities” by the locals, though the Americans, having fun testing out their new gadgets, definatley were), Serbs were more friendly to Americans then their Muslim allies. The KLA was shooting and decapitating at random.

America loves Islamic terrorism, they just have to get the whole ‘they hate israel’ bug out of them and changed to ‘they hate holocaust deniers’.

Neocon war peddler, now, for his good deeds, World bank Neocon war peddler Paul Wolfowitz wet’em when he heard how many evil goy children died in Beslan.

That’s right, Israeli dual Citizens and their Shabbos christian “amen corner” delight at every Slav death. Try to prove me wrong.

F–k America, F–k Israel. Europeans everywhere unite against your oppressors


Just out of curiosity, how many slavburgers do you think your body would make?


Or how many slavyjoes?


You Americans are a bunch of cannibals for jesus, well practically anything for jesus. Even American so called “atheists” whom oddly for the claim, never fail to kiss jew ass.


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