“J’en ai Darr”?

It’s funny: You can not think about Justin Darr for weeks and weeks, but then you’ll go to his site and find a bunch of columns there, all backdated. It’s like that Schroedinger’s Cat thing.

Every Vote Must Count, Unless the Liberals Win
By: Justin Darr on November 20, 2005

Every have that feeling there is something missing, but you cannot quite remember what it is? The weather is getting colder; did I forget to check my washer fluid? No. Check the tire pressure? No, it is fine. Any anniversary, birthdays, or doctor appointments I might have missed? No, all are up to date. Oh, now I remember…

It was Justin! We totally forgot about this, for instance:


And also that other thing (which we can’t tell you about yet). Ha-ha! Oh, this is like finding a bright, shiny penny — or an old friend, or like when you look in the fridge and find a forgotten beer in the crisper drawer.

Oh yes, we’ll be back soon. Oh mercy me.


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He wishes that he’s hotter than 20% of the other ‘men’ on the site. Who were the others Cheney, Jonah Goldberg, George Sr. and Drew Carey?

Even George Costanza could do better!


Hmm, more like when you find a forgotten old friend in the crisper drawer. Yikes.


OK, what joker felt sorry for him and voted him a “10?” Celticgirl? D. Sidhe? Marq?


Hee! He last checked his rating 3 hours ago.


Shorter Justin Darr: Since the liberals aren’t complaining that the 2005 election was stolen by the liberals, the 2005 election must have been stolen by the liberals.


J.Darr, some peopel got it some don’t.


I feel sorry for that 20%. Then again, why, oh why did he put up his pic in the first place. You don’t suppose that he expected a higher score do you? Ah, self-awareness, so much in short supply among the wingers…..


Surely you jest, Brad. The man belongs in a Ball Park Frank ad.

Based on his writings, I have a feeling what he lacks in looks, he makes up for in equal parts bombast and smarm.
I would expect him to turn up on my doorstep with plastic flowers he tried to pass off as camp, take me to a semi-classy restaurant where he made pointed remarks about how good the salads are here and left a really cheap tip, and without asking for my input at all to drag me to some ghastly romantic comedy where he spent the whole thing with his eyes on Keira Knightley’s tits and his hand on mine, followed by a totally half-assed attempt to kiss me.
Then he’d go home and call VBen and the two of them would conclude I was *so* into him and if he takes me to a horror flick next time, I’m all his.

And then, you know, the arrest and the arraignment and the jury trial and the plea bargain and the twenty-to-life and the biopic and the rotting away forgotten in a cell with someone else eventually taking my nick here and at WoC.

I don’t think it’s worth it, really.


Who the hell is Justin Darr?


God, those teeth of his.


actually he reminds me of harmar superstar. Tell me you guys know about harmar!


Never look a gift horse in the mouth.


I think he got beat up too much in grammar school


You think he went to a school? Nah, He’s probably homeschooled like the other whackos.


I had to give him a one, even though his ego is such that he thinks a one is good.


Every poll opened and closed on time with adequate staffing, no chads where found to be hanging….

…So what cares if all the votes where counted.

Will somebody please explain the difference between “were” and “where” to Justin? “Who” and “what” as well.



I take it that I’m supposed to find Justin attractive for… his personality? Oh, fucking eeewwww! Lets just say that my obsessions this month run more towards Jake Gyllenhaal, but you were close. Both their names start with a “J.”


Dude, you have to see the pic of Stuart Wilf from Gunner Palace doing his Gyllenhaal impersonation…

I’d link, but Google seems to be yoinked.


Brad…uh, Sadly, No!


Everybody makes typos now and again (especially in blog comment forms) but the constant typos by right-wingers in what are supposed to be the equivalent to a published article, well, I think it says volumes about their education and intelligence (or their lack of both). It?s not just an occasional ?fat finger? spelling mistake, or the odd reversed letters, or the all-to-common ?it?s? when they mean ?its? that are annoying. We all do that sometimes. It?s the weird use of quote marks, the use of words that mean something entirely different that what the author think that they mean, and the butchered expressions that the wingers use that makes it impossible to take their opinions seriously. Sorry Justin, Marie, Swank, Kaye, and every other writer on RenewAmerica , ClownHall and WorldNutDaily, but until you learn to express yourself in a manner that indicates that you have some education, you?re just a figure of fun. Is it just your opinions that tell me you?re ignorant? Sadly, No!


It’s ‘cos he’s such a cutie. Or Lynx & Lamb are stuffing the ballot….


God, those teeth of his.


Posted by: Timmah420

Remember the tooth! THE TOOTH!


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