Fee Benamon, Constitutional Scholar

This is the type of wingnuttery I simply adore:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR (I believe that means a higher power, a being more powerful than us), with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Those beautiful words resonate throughout history as our Forefathers acknowledged a higher power, a belief in God, a belief of freedom for all men…stated in our Constitution.

Do those words appear in the Constitution? Sadly, No! Any wingnut who lectures you on the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and doesn’t even know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence should be ridiculed into total silence.

Hey Fee- the United States Constitution can be found here. You might wanna actually read it the next time you claim that America was founded as a Jesusocracy.

UPDATE: Fee has corrected without mention of her original error. Thankfully, we have the Google cache to remind us of what was.


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Sure, you call me out for massacring poor, clueless Political Humor, and then you go and beat up on Fee Benamon.

We haven’t checked on Justin Darr in awhile. I wonder what he’s been up to?


I wasn’t calling you out, btw- just pointing out the obvious 😉

Low-hanging fruit tastes the sweetest by far.


The irony is….stupid as they are, the wingnuts remain in power!

It’s like a stupid tree. You pick one, but the tree is still full.


Declarations of Independence. Constitutions…potato, potahto. Everyone knows what Fee meant, irregardless.

Anyway, since we confuse the two, all the time, they must be the same, fundamentally. And that, moonbats, is what the concept of indentity involves.

Look it up.


A hearty welcome to our newest troll! BTW, there is no such word as ‘irregardless’. Look it up.


Celticgirl, methinks that’s a faux troll, not being mal-iscious but rather mer-rily making a blog blague.


Ooh, snap!

We’re hearing a lot of coordinated “Founding Fathers were fundies” crap coming from the Jeebofascists. They’re digging in their heels for an Alito fight.


Fee Bull.


Jesus, they should just hire all of us to fact check their asses. Then they wouldn’t look like such maroons.

Then again the they also wouln’t have anything to write about either.


Brad, if you read Fee’s bio, you will learn that she signed up to read the Constitution, but then she got sick, and had to drop out – and then she realized that one can serve the Constitution better by being involved in politics than by actually reading it.


Harhar, As of 4pm PST, Fee has changed her article without a retraction, correction, or any indication she retroactivley modified her article.

I think we can finally disavow any half-baked notion that these wingnuts posess even a shred of journalistic integrity or professionalism.
Just take the hit and admit the error, don’t try to cover it up.


I just sent her an email full of shame about this. And this from a member of a military family, as well. Shame shame shame.


Yeah I think I’m going to have to fire up the old hotmail account too. Dusty from the days before Marie blocked me, why Marie why?


A hearty welcome to our newest troll! BTW, there is no such word as ‘irregardless’.

Look it up.

Lolz! pwn3d!!1!eleventy.


Look it up.

I did. Found this:

Irregardless is a word that many mistakenly believe to be correct usage in formal style, when in fact it is used chiefly in nonstandard speech or casual writing. Coined in the United States in the early 20th century, it has met with a blizzard of condemnation for being an improper yoking of irrespective and regardless and for the logical absurdity of combining the negative ir- prefix and -less suffix in a single term. Although one might reasonably argue that it is no different from words with redundant affixes like debone and unravel, it has been considered a blunder for decades and will probably continue to be so.

So, blunder away, silly person!!!eleventy-one!!


What knd of site is this, and where do I sign up?


At the nearest abortion clinic and/or athiest club…


OK, but that only answers the first part of my question. Also, are all views welcome here? And, what is a troll?


tigrismis: Yeah, I shoulda known. That’s what happens when you’re tired, you just miss the IRONY. Thank you Uncle Mike for helping me make my lame point…Can anyone help RoadKill understand what a troll is? I just don’t have it in me today.


Oh, there are so many trolls.


Thank you for that. It was very helpful. I was wondering, after reading all of that, if I might be a troll. I’m beginning to think I am. It’s not a bad thing, is it?


That’s it. I’m not faux-trolling anymore. It’s no fun when people take you seriously.

The joke is of course that for Fee and all the other wingnut “freedom fighters”, all the foundational writings of the glorious American democracy that God HIMself ordained should be spread to the far corners of the world are all just one, incomprehensible, amorphous mass. The fact that Karen Hughes made this same fucking mistake a while back should have been a salutory event for the wingnuts, but the insane never learn.

…and Fee doesn’t even have the simple grace to admit she was wrong.


Rightwingroadkill: I know it’s you BLT, stop being a retard.

As for Fee, she did indeed admit it happened, heres the one line response she sent me back.
“Ah you take things so seriously, relax. It’s been taken care of. No need to worry. –Fee”


“Ah you take things so seriously, relax. It’s been taken care of. No need to worry. –Fee”

And she expects others to take her commentary seriously. Beautiful. This is why Renew America is the greatest website EVA!!!


I just replied with quotes from the founding fathers talking about how the church must be seperate from the state, and how they thought the christian church had perverted the idea of christ.
Her head might explode, seriously I don’t know how these nuts know so little about the country they live in.


“Ah you take things so seriously, relax. It’s been taken care of. No need to worry. –Fee”

Does this change Fee’s position on the scale between banality and evil?

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing …more towards evil.


Oh yeah – well then how do explain the time when George Washington came down into Boston with the stone tablets that said “Thou shalt not tax without representation”, or the time Thomas Jefferson turned the loaves into fishes? Huh? Can’t answer? Foo!


“Rightwingroadkill: I know it’s you BLT, stop being a retard.”

Timmah, I insist you take this statement back. I want to be called “developmentally challenged.”


Is that supposed to be funny? I thought you were going away, not just pretending to be a different troll. *sigh* I guess christmas will never come for me.


“Is that supposed to be funny?”

Only to those with extremely high IQs.

Now, in terms of my “promise” to go away, it was never intended as a promise, but as a statement of desire and intent. Any alcoholic or drug addict knows that intention does not always manifest itself in the accomplishment of the desired goal. At some point, the will must be willing to cooperate with the intent. I have become quite pathetically addicted to standing in the middle of ideological freeways where there are lots of reckless drivers. I hold up stop signs, but those travelling in the left lane ignore them and run me right over. I self-destructively set myself up to become RightWingRoadKill. Actually, Timmah, I was not pretending to be a different troll. You see, whilie I have never used the exact aka of RightWingRoadKill before, I have always claimed to be just that. I have never pretended not to be RightWingRoadKill. How do you think I earned the reputation of having a persecution complex? The only thing that makes it a legitimate claim of “persecution” and not “a persecution complex” is that it is reality-based. I do not want to deprive you of Christmas, however., but you must know this:
If you depend on me to be your Santa Claus, you’ll be greatly disappointed. I come bearing gifts, but to those who don’t recognize them as gifts, they will be experienced as ideological lumps of coal. Ho Ho Ho!


intention does not always manifest itself in the accomplishment of the desired goal.
Kind of like how both of those “jokes” you made will fail to manifest themselves in laughter?


Timmah, my good left wing friend, not that you have any way of proving that nobody who may have stumbled across my comments laughed, but, notwithstanding that possibility (remote though it may be), laughter is not always a measure of success when it comes to jokes. On the contrary, it may be a measure of failure. Consider the story embedded in the Bee Gees, “I Started a Joke.” The first line goes like this: “I started a joke that started the whole world laughing…” The subject in the story ultimately discovers that though he was successful in getting the whole world to laugh, in the end, the joke was on him.


Was THAT supposed to be funny? Jesus, this is like reading a gaggle strip.


Timmah, I lowered the bar on that one. Apparently not low enough. That last entry was supposed to be funny only for those with an IQ of 50 and above.

And by the way, my name’s not “Jesus,” though I’m sure you would secretly like to become one of my disciples. Your going to give me a Messiah complex to add to my persecution complex. Although I suppose I must take some of the responsibiility for confusing you about my identity by introducing the RightWingRoadKill AKA. Are we laughing yet?


If I still haven’t made you laugh, Timmah, tell me this song isn’t just a little bit funny?

Christmas Tree Hugger
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005
featuring comedian Walter Stormont
(cut & paste link below)

Now, don’t say I didn’t try to make your Christmas a little more cheerful!


In any event, “Creator” doesn’t mean Christianity. It’s more of a philosophical statement than a religious endorsement.


No kidding, christians don’t even realize their religion is just a bastardizaion of older religions, consolidated for power. Jesus was nothing more than a mortal until they voted him into divinity around 400bc.
BLT – I’m halfway into a case of high test beer that I got for an amateur computer job and I have 2 joints in my lungs, I don’t mention this for any other reason than your tree hugger song failed to elicit even a smirk from my face.


er 400AD, sorry about that. Heh.


Timmah, I’m beginning to think that it takes a lot more than a few jokes, a few joints, and a few beers to get you to crack a smile. You must have had a rough life.

Try this one. It’s not really designed to be funny, but I don’t think funny is your thing anyway. You strike me as a very serious and a very angry young man. This is a song about California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to change the name of the state Capitol’s official seasonal tree from Holiday Tree, (a name the previous governor had changed it to, in the name of political correctness), back to its original name, the Christmas Tree. I’m curious to learn from you which song you feel has more potential. I’m also curious about what you think Christmas trees should be called. I understand that the origin of the Christmas tree apparently has to do with pagan tradition, but to me, when you put Christmas decorations on any tree at all, it becomes a Christmas tree.

Also, I have taken it upon myself as a challenge to find a way to get you to crack a smile, even if its a sarcastic smile.

Arnold’s Christmas Tree
words and music by Dr. BLT (c) 2005


Timmah420, make up your mind. Is is 400 years “Before Christ” or is it “The Year of Our LORD 400”. Maybe you thought B.C. meant “Before Clinton” and A.D. “After the Democrats lost control”.
Thanks for the moment, carry on.


Watchman, those are some pretty good lines. Tell me, are you a troll mate? If so, welcome aboard. Don’t let them make RightWingRoadKill out of you. If you’d like to do some tag team trolling sometime, just let me know.


Hey Doc, As the handle implies, I do more watching than posting and
besides, trading licks with the ?spewing Mooreabites? that live under this bridge
is really not my idea of fun. I do however try to kick in a riff here and there and
will be watching for a chance to jam.


Yeah watchman, considering I saw the error and corrected myself the following post, that becomes less clever.


Yeah Timmah, That was a cheap shot. I just couldn’t resist the opp to point out that in order to argue you’re point on Jesus’s mortality you were forced to use terminology that deified Him. Sorry. What really bothers me is calling my comments “less clever”. Is that a compliment? Now that’s scary. If you guys are gonna go and get sloppy on me, well then I’m outta here.


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