Don’t make us get up out of this chair…

Knock-knock. Who’s there? It’s Political Humor again.

I guess the multinational socialist blogger[*] is basically saying “hey! I love it when you guys cut and run and encourage the terrorists to attack you, and I love good ole’ Murtha for bringing it all on, but, you gotta give the Republicans some credit for that, too”!

On the humor front, one method is to use funny graphics, like this:

[insert caption]

[insert caption]

Just trying to help a brotha out.

Now, if you have time to spare, read the following which will show that in April, which is when the Republican statement was issued, things were going well. The mission at the time seemed to be accomplished….

A timeline on Somalia follows which ends in October, ’93. This is shortly after things really started to go to hell there, and about a month after treasonous Democrat Murtha supposedly stabbed America in the back urging a cowardly cut-and-run strategy — emboldening Bin Laden, who later blew up the World Trade Center, etc. Which presumably also means that it’s Murtha’s fault when anything bad happens in Iraq. Oooh, that Murtha!

On the other hand, in ’93, with US troops having been killed in Mogadishu, Republicans were determined to “stay the course” and “win the war.”** That’s a big, new WingNet meme. We’re starting to feel like we’ve heard that one a couple times before.

But there’s a little song beloved by children of pure hearts all across this wonderful world of ours, and it goes — Sadly, No!

THE REPUBLICAN POSITION (House of Representatives – October 20, 1993)

Mr. BUNNING. Mr. Speaker, on April 1, 1993, the Republican Policy Committee had this to say:

“U.S. military forces in Somalia have fulfilled the mission given them by President Bush. Republicans therefore call on President Clinton to bring our troops home.”

Mr. Speaker, we’re still waiting.

President Clinton chose to ignore our advice. Instead, he preferred to put our troops under U.N. command, and in real danger.

The mission has degenerated from humanitarian to humiliation,*** and it is past time for it to stop.

The President’s response is not sufficient. He should not keep our troops in harm’s way into next year without real justification and without a detailed strategy.

Republicans have been consistent in our opposition to a policy of troop commitment without focus.

I urge the President to heed our advice and bring our troops home now.

So let’s rewrite this Newsmax article just a wee.

Monday, Nov. 21, 2005 9:57 a.m. EST

Rep. John Murtha [Joined GOP Leaders In Urging] Somalia Pullout in ’93

After terrorists attacked U.S. troops in Mogadishu, Somalia[,] 12 years ago, anti-Iraq war Democrat Rep. John Murtha [sided with Congressional Republicans in] urg[ing] then-President Clinton to begin a complete pullout of U.S. troops from the region.

Clinton took the advice of bowed to longstanding pressure from [Congressional GOP leaders, far-right Republican hawks such as Rep. Robert “B-1 Bob” Dornan (CA), and later others including Democrat John Murtha,] and ordered the withdrawal – a decision that Osama bin Laden would later [sort of] credit with emboldening his terrorist fighters [a bunch of terrorist fighters whose identity we’re not totally sure of,] and encouraging him to mount further attacks against the U.S.

We’re saying right now: Don’t make us get up out of our comfy old turkey-digesting Barcaloungers and retrieve the Lexis-Nexis password. Things could quickly get uglah, uglah…

“Reeow! That’s where the contemporary articles
and TV transcripts are…! Hspfth!”

That’s right, Evil Cat Minion. Did you guys like the turkey and mashed potatoes we left in your bowls?

“Well, not the mashed potatoes, so much.”

Sorry. We should have put some gravy on that.

[*] Among other things, French-Canadian is a single nationality.

[**] Somalia was not a war but an international relief mission gone awry: Total victory according to stated objectives would have been a country full of fat, burping Somalians.

[***] Somalia may be described in hindsight as a ‘humilitarian’ mission.


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Among other things, French-Canadian is a single nationality.

But a very deviant one. One day I hope to be able to give up my French-Canadian lifestyle.


Ratzingers going after the French-Canadians next. Did you spurn hsi penis-thumb one too many times? I sure wish Giblets had defeated Ratzinger.


Well, to a wingnut, what could be WORSE than being French AND Canadian? It’s like the mother of all cheese eating surrender monkeys all rolled up into one neat package!


First they came for the French-Canadians, and I did not speak, because they got bored and went home.


French fella, who has an affinity for Canada, but lives in Germany
How dare you threaten the purity and essence of his natural fluids with you’re damned multi-culturalamisms!


with you’re damned
How dare you threaten my ability to puncuate the English language with your damned links to Marie Jon’ and The Rant!


We need to make this an Open Source War.

maybe then it can fizzle out and we can all have a good laugh about the pricetag.


multinational socialist blogger

Tsk. The official Patriotically Correct™ term is “transnational,” often affectionately abbreviated as “tranzi,” which is also sorta like a portmanteau word from “transvestite” and “Nazi,” but not in an Ann Coulter sort of way.

Not “multinational,” which just sounds bland and institutional, in an OSM™ sort of way.


Dude, this guy is weak sauce- it’s like using a chainsaw to beat up a dead puppy.


Man… watching you go after this political humor guy is like watching the world`s longest trampleing video. Sure it`s funny to watch a guy get kicked in the balls really hard once or twice. But at about the 20 minute mark is when you stop laughing and start getting uncomfortable. The guy is some how enjoying the feel of stilletto on nutsac and the entire dynamic changes. Please excuse spelling, I`m shit-faced blogging from Japan.


Yeah, this is a total massacre. I knew it was over when I saw the french flag with the beret and moustache.

Also, he is accusing you guys of rigging the site hits. Hilariously.
“Well, I’m not an expert in all the methods available for this kind of stuff. You would have to check it out with the hackers – not these hackers – they’re good alright, but they aint gonna tell you the truth.
And no! I don’t plan on spending my day researching this type of fraud on the internet. Sorry buddy. You could research it, if your in the mood!

Well you heard our intrepid special prosecutor, he’s done enough proving, it’s up the the special internet police now!


I notice they don’t archive or allow comments. I guess they don’t want held accountable for their ‘humor’.


Dude, this guy is weak sauce- it’s like using a chainsaw to beat up a dead puppy.

If ya’ll will excuse the somewhat random topic drift, can I just edge in an aaaaaaaw for the dead puppy?


What’s a Wingnut, Meme?


Please stop pulling the wool over me.


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