This is too good to pass up, even if it is very, very late. In the comments to this post, Marie Jon’ writes:

Sadly No then owes me an apology.

Hmm, Sadly, No!

Sleep now, full details tomorrow.


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where is that horn?


I think Marie should be made commander and chief of the NY Time’s ombudsman’s office, because she would be a natural for the job.


You missed this one from the article: “Bush’ detractors lie without…”. I guess the extraneous apostrophe has become something of a wingnut stigmata.


It turns out, in your original post, you were wrong. Her missive didn’t lead to the Clenis – it led to a plea for a triumph of the will…


Sadly, No! has the full understanding of the Marie Jon’s punctuation skills.

By the way Gregor, sorry to be picky, but since you’re being pedantic about MJ it seems only fair. “Stigmata” is plural. The singular is “stigma”.


OT, but have you guys seen the circle jerk going on over at The Blog Formerly Known as the Blog Formerly Known as Pajamas Media and Now Known Again as Pajamas Media?

Jesus. Never have I seen a more self-important bunch of poseurs engaging in mutual mental masturbation.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! ::sigh:: Yes, you, too, Dr. BLT.


Yeah, Marie jon, you owe me an apology. She wrote me a nasty letter and threatened to have her imaginary boyfriend beat me up. Sgt. Roach or something like that.


I have the full understanding of the proper use of the word tongue. I have the full understanding of commander and chief.

Ewwwww… Yeesh, Marie, I know you like President Bush, but…


Yeah she owes me an apology too! I don’t remember what she called me, but it had something to do with Al Jazeera.


Oh, Sadly, how can you keep me on tenterhooks like this???


You know you probably give her 90% of her hits.

I’m not going to underestimate just how dumb the Bushvolk is, but that stuff is damn near parady. As I read it, I get the voice of a really earnest third-grader from the LD section reading their paper to the class.


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