A happy spanks-giving

I’ve got artichokes to trim and mayonnaise to whisk over here, but our friend at Political Humor keeps dangling bait in front of our glittering eyes — and truly, if there’s one thing we can’t resist, it’s bait.

Master-bait, that is!

He’s onto a new meme that’s taking the WingNet by storm, about how Jack Murtha urged a pullout from Somalia, and how Murtha is therefore to blame for the rise of Bin Laden, and so on and so forth, et cetera. We’ll probably be hearing this one a lot in coming weeks — or at least until another Democrat replaces Jack Murtha as the WingNet’s Emmanuel Goldstein of the moment. Take it away, Political Humor:

“Our people realize[d] more than before that the American soldier is a paper tiger that run[s] in defeat after a few blows,” the terror chief recalled. “America forgot all about the hoopla and media propaganda and left dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat.” Osama bin Laden – From the National Ledger

Apparently this piece of news – which should rightfully refrain any dem or media expert from ever mentioning Murtha’s name again – doesn’t mean too much for our socialist – “listen to us America” – European blogger[*]. Wonder why the biggest news of the week doesn’t mean much to him or them – whatever.

As Bugs Bunny once said, should we shoot him now, or wait ’til we get home?

Statement of Republican Policy on U.S. Armed Forces in Somalia, Adopted April 1, 1993

U.S. military forces in Somalia have fulfilled the mission given them by President Bush. Republicans therefore call on President Clinton to bring our troops home.
President Bush sent U.S. Armed Forces to Somalia to restore order and permit food to reach the people. He made a commitment to withdraw our troops when the mission was completed and return the operation to the U.N. This process was begun before he left office. The mission has been accomplished, but our troops remain, and it appears President Clinton has no intention of bringing them home.
The United States is the world’s only superpower, but this does not mean we are omnipotent, nor that our obligations are universal. Republicans believe that President Bush’s commitment to pull our forces out of Somalia should be fulfilled.


*All contributors to S,N! are citizens of a respectable North American country or Canada.


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Mmmm, artichokes.


Hope you didn’t miss the live blogging of the Macy’s parade that they did over at PajamasMedia.


So has “Political Humor” decided to scrap any pretense of humor? Or maybe the humor to which the author refers is choler?


That is perhaps the most depressing blog I have ever seen.

The lame attempts at humour were bad enough, but these consent, piddled, petty, totally unfunny (and not to mention completely incomprehensible) posts trying, but ridiculously failing, to deliver a witty slam to Sadly, Non! have me contemplating suicide.

[Freaked Out Fact: Tricky?s ?Makes Me Wanna Die” came on iTunes just as I typed that.]


“respectable North American country or Canada”

Sadly, no, I think the North American country that *hasn’t* invaded Iraq is the respectable one. 😉


Right, that settles it. Time to fess up, guys. You made this little sockpuppet blog to act as your straight man, right?


You made this little sockpuppet blog to act as your straight man, right?

Well, I can’t be all innocent and say that we’d never do a prank like that… But, you know, we’d also admit it if anyone asked.

No, I have no idea who he is. He turned up at Pajamas Media a couple-few days ago.


…depressing…piddled… petty…

Hey, maybe it’s Britt Hume-r. Ah, never mind.


I just wish he would bring back the comedy, that kofi annan UN joke was killer.


Or maybe the humor to which the author refers is choler?

phlegm, I think.


But…isn’t Bush deliberately ignoring Bin Laden now? Didn’t Bush pull resources (linguists, etc.) from Afghanistan to invade Iraq? And didn’t Bush say at one point that he didn’t know where Bin Laden was and didn’t care?
I’d be so much happier if I just stopped trying to use reasoning skills.


What Cynthia said. If I could just stop trying to use logical analaysis, maybe the headaches would go away…

Spawn of Karen&KKKarl

Cynthia & celticgirl: I have some kool-aid that will let all your reasoning float away. As a side-effect, it also eliminates most of the brain cells, so there won’t be anything inside your head to cause pain! WooWoo!


“a respectable North American country or Canada.”



Does bin Laden, the Arabic, Islamofacist mastermind really know and use words like “hoopla?” Oh. Right. College in the states. Hung out with all those CIA guys for years. Probably said, when we first bombed his cave-hideout, “Duuuude, this is like SO bogus.”


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