Breaking News: Libby Pardoned

Breaking, breaking, breaking!

Bush Pardons Turkey, Packs Bags For Central Texas

President Bush left Washington Tuesday for Central Texas, but not before taking time to grant the traditional pardon to the White House turkey.

Marshmallow and its backup Yam were spared from the dinner table, but… they?ve… got…

…Um, yes. Never mind. I just kinda read the headline on that one.

Hey, shut up, ok? Chestnuts are hard to peel. A pound or two of chestnuts, and you can totally get distracted.

Be sure to wish all our brothas and sistas on the inside a happy Shanksgiving, and for heaven’s sake:

Don’t forget the gravy!


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Man–“Chow Hound”—one of my five favorite Chuck Jones cartoons. So sick. So mean. So cynical. Best. Ending. Evah!


Hmmm never seen the walt disney nazi cartoon. That nazi donald duck is kind of disturbing.


I hope Bush does the same for Tom Delay next Thanksgiving.


Just letting you know – your site is fantastic! when Circle Increase Corner Rape: , Girl will Table unconditionally Curious Soldier Double or not , White Circle is always Black Gnome Hope Forecast Make – that is all that TV is capable of


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