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There is a cartoon strip that is less funny than Day by Day. The kids call it Gaggle.


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Holy crap that art makes me want to gle.


Ouch…that’s just wrong. I’ve had medical scares that were funnier.


The objects i clean out of my cat’s litterbox are consistently funnier and more interesting than that comic strip.

I mean, wow, day by day suddenly only seems half as inept and ham-fisted compared to that swill


Gaggle-11/11/05 Mole-sted…now that is funny


Was CNN’s placing of an ‘X’ over Dick Cheney’s face an accident?

Current results: 86% NO

bigtimer says:
Need you even ask the question?

Sadly, no!


Ach, the stupid… it burns ussssss…..


I don’t get it.


Liberals beat conservatives when it comes to a sense of humor, hands down.


Oh that is just depressing.


We live in the Age of Stupid. What a time to be alive.


PS: Ok I read a few more. I don’t think the phrase “brutally unfunny” overstates it.


I don’t get it, what would CNN have to gain by putting an X over dick cheney? Are they really so whacky that they think that graphical glicth was actually a part of some liberal media conspiracy? That would be a pretty incompetent and half-baked conspiracy…


Now we know where the trolls of Atrios get their talking points.

And their jokes!


Yes, they really think it’s a conspiracy. To make people subliminally hate the veep. Because, without the flashed “X” over his face, he’s just so goddamned cuddly. :::sigh:::
That cartoonist is, among other things, completely incompetent. In a newspaper-type strip, dialogue balloons never go under the characters, always above. Even the “Prickly City” guy know that. This guy seems to think that he’s being paid by the word. Concise works better in comic strips. Also, in this type of strip, you usually don’t use actual corporate names and logos, not smart. Very, very bad.


This is like a mix of those comic-book tracts and comments at free republic.


I didn’t see a comic strip at that Gaggle url. I saw some pictures in boxes lined up next to each other. And there was stuff written on the pictures. But nothing that even remotely fit the definition of “comic strip.”


Chimera, that’s what I mean when I talk about my theory of wingnut cartoons. They don’t seem to understand how the format works. It’s not that the jokes aren’t good, it’s that they’re not even jokes. Even the basic structure – intro, set up, punchline – seems to be beyond them. There are plenty of half decent one box rightwing comics, as in they’d be funny if you were a righty, but something in their heads goes haywire when they try to do a strip.


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