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Thomas Sowell writes: Torture is illegal and that’s good, but let’s not make it too illegal in case we need to torture someone one day, without intending to of course!:

Even in less extreme circumstances, and even if we don’t intend to torture the captured terrorist, does that mean that we need to reduce our leverage by informing all terrorists around the world in advance that they can stonewall indefinitely when captured, without fear of that fate?

David Limbaugh demonstrates that Democrats are evil by writing a column from the perspective of an imaginary Democrat:

What do Democrat leaders really believe concerning their “Bush lied” mantra? If you were to inject the whole lot of them with truth serum and turn them loose with microphones and recording equipment, here’s what you might hear.

Can someone really be the less talented of the Limbaugh brothers? You make the call!

Dennis Prager teaches us that the only way to be moral is to oppose liberals:

As one raised as a New York Jew (who, moreover, attended an Ivy League university) and therefore liberal — it took me a while to recognize this fatal moral characteristic of the Left. But the moment I realized it, it became immoral not to oppose leftist values.

Never say never again:

It is neither possible nor virtuous to be devoid of hatred. Even those who think it is always wrong to hate must hate hatred.

Rebecca Hagelin reminds us that Thanksgiving is the time of the year where we say thanks. Rebecca doesn’t say why she’s thankful, but the fact that her husband hasn’t left her must rank pretty high on her list:

For all their faults and foibles, our family members bring us so much enduring happiness and inspire so many happy memories that it?s hard to imagine life without them.

Added: Bonus Shorter David Frum:

Why Democrats aren’t willing to fix George Bush’s mess by outlining how to magically transform Iraq into a democracy is beyond me.


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Limbaugh’s Strawdem has “guttural instincts?”


let ’em dangle.


“Why Democrats aren’t willing to fix George Bush’s mess by outlining how to magically transform Iraq into a democracy is beyond me.”

I know! God wants a sacrifice! Let’s give him Dubya! And all the Bushmen and Bushwomen! That oughta get the magical democracy flowin’!


I admit I hate hate. And also, Mr Prager.

Sure, it’s a cheap shot, but he really set himself up for it.


I think it would be torture to make detainees read Townhall.


Prager may have been raised as a Jew but he apparently never attended Hebrew school (and was sleeping during the rabbi’s sermon during Shabbat services.)

Rabbi Hillel:

“What is hateful unto thee do not do to others. All the rest is commentary.”

The essence of Judaism from the revered sage.


Whoa, dude! I hate hate… That’s some deep shit. Wait, doesn’t that mean that if I advocate hate, that I love hate? At which point my advocacy for hate disavows me of my love of hatred…


What do Democrat leaders really believe concerning their “Bush lied” mantra?

Well, not being a Democratic Leader here, I’m just guessing, but… that he’s a Lying Liar McLies-a-lot? That’s just off the top of my head.


The whole reading exercise made my stomach hurt.


Dems don’t come up with some magical plan because then the Righties would be jumpin’ all over ’em and callin’ them witches and sorcerers and all. There’s no winning.


And if they did come up with a magical plan, the Repigs would denounce them as traitors and then pretend that it was them who came up with said plan.


Marq: Thanks – You owe me one new laptop screen. Mine seems to have my morning tea sprayed all over it now….


But if you hate “hate” you’re hating, so you’re hating the hate that you hate, and….
Don’t hate the playa, hate the banana.


You’d think someone into the whole Jews for Jesus schtick would be down on hate. Say what you like about Prager, he breaks the mould.


The best analogy I’ve ever heard for democrat’s supposed lack of an Iraq plan was:

The right loves to say any time the Democrats resist or block a Republican bill or nominee or idea, “Well, Democrats, why don’t you tell us what you’d like to do? What’s your plan?” That’s like a rapist getting kicked in the nuts by his potential victim and then asking her, “Well, okay, since you don’t want to be fucked, what would you like to do?” The only proper response is not for the victim to suggest alternate activities (“Well, rapist, we could play a lively game of whist”), but to say, “I’d like you to be dead. No, no, even better, I’d like you to be buried alive. In a small coffin. Filled with scorpions. And covered in shit.”


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