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What Would J. Crew Do?

I remember complaining to Spaceham about a year ago that I could never be President now that I’ve written this diary. One too many carrot-rape jokes and nobody cares how BIG your proposed tax-cut is. He argued that while there were plenty of reasons why I could never be President?including but not limited to stupidity, ugliness, and an understanding of modern political science that ends at The West Wing, season three, disc two?he did not think that the diary was a big one, the reason being that I had done a relatively good job of keeping it anonymous, without any overt indications of who, what, where is Worker #3116.

Good times.


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Whoaaaa! I love it!


that guy is insane. we likey.


You’re welcome, Seb. 😡


Man, I kind of love this guy even though he’s a crazy republican.


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