Stop us if you’ve heard this one before!

Ring any bells, Anita Ward?

WASHINGTON (AP) – An Iranian exile who opposes his country’s Islamic government said Monday that Iran’s military is building a series of secret tunnels to hide equipment for missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

They’re probably east, west, south and north of Tehran somewhat.


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i forget…who did the US support in the iran/iraq war? oh yeah. both of them. ironic that we may now invade them both to deal with their evil governments.

as an aside, here’s a direct quote from a poster at freerepublic (regarding a fox news report on global warming, btw)…

“I haven’t watched FOX since this leftist nonsense appeared. I am getting all the news I need right here at FR.”

be afraid.


This Iranian exile’s name wouldn’t be something like Chamed Achlabi, would it?


Sometimes they pop out of their holes and say the most incredible shit. Saw one the other day saying no one was tortured at Abu Gharib, just humiliated. I showed him a photo of the guy who got humiliated to death and some other ones and he was suprised. Never saw that, because he was avoiding getting the liberal lies from fox and drinking straight out of the kool-aid.


Yeah, the internet is a double edged sword, powerful for those who know how to filter the crap and interpret it, and dangerous for the weak of mind.


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