The ‘o’ stands for ‘objective journalism’


Of course, trademark violations are simply everywhere these days. If this one doesn’t work out, let me just say that I’m totally down with ‘OPP.’


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Brilliant. I’d get rid of the “o” though and just make it “S,N!”


pssst…..the latest Swank is chock full o’ nutty goodness, including Dog psychologists and societal porno. Go now and partake! Let’s perpetuate the Swankmastide miracle into perpetual perpetuity!


From the Oafish Stupid Morons site:

Calling all bloggers! On Monday, November 21, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds will be ringmaster for a blog carnival, hosted right here on OSM. The topic? Pre-war military intelligence–what was known going into the war in Iraq, who knew it, and more importantly, what should we have known that we didn’t? To participate, write a blog post on this topic, and send the link to by Sunday, November 20, at 3 pm Eastern time. And check back here on Monday to read the results.


Jill- I should do another preach-off soon. Maybe later today. We’ll see if I have the energy. I’ve had a long week.


Wait, so their value add is thinking up a topic, opening a bag of cheetos, and then slapping some links together? Wow, talk about secret sauce. No one will ever be able to compete with such a winning formula.


Yeah, you know me.


I can’t believe how long it took for someone to post that.


that is awesome.

though white on black would make it totally awesome 😉


No way, don’t get rid of the O. Now it’s like “Oh! Sadly, No!”
I assert that is is way better. Way better.


Yeah, this version gets my vote.


I love the douchey logo. Looks like Lucent technology, doesn’t it, and probably a million other logos. maybe Ocean Spray?

Ha ha- Cran-chazmo! Cran-insty!


OH my lord. This has got to take the cake. There are a million different OSM sites. I can’t tell which is the real one. Check this one out.


Ha ha- Cran-chazmo! Cran-insty!

>30% fruit juice….


hee hee!

I love how OSM has huge buzz, but the worst worst worst kind. All people want to do is find other people sticking the knife in.


I’m waiting for the salt and lemon juice part.


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