Great Moments in Iraqi History

This is spin of Scott McClellan-caliber:

Iraq’s interior minister has defended a government facility that was found to be holding dozens of prisoners, including some showing signs of torture, saying it held “the most criminal terrorists.”

“Nobody was beheaded or killed,” a defiant Bayan Jabr told a news conference Thursday, saying that only seven of 170 detainees showed marks of torture.

“Yeah, so we tortured them a little bit! No biggie! Hey, America does it all the time now! And it’s not like any of ’em got their heads sliced off or nothin’! Quit complainin’, you guys! The pain from getting electro shocks to the nads will wear off by next week!”


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>only seven of 170 detainees showed marks of torture

The other 163 were beaten with oranges in a bag (a la The Grifters), dangled above lions, or were waterboarded.


It all depends on what the definition of “torture” is.


Last I checked, beheading someone was not torture; it is an execution.

Someone needs to remind that guy that executions are still totally legal in the U.S.


We got a call yesterday saying we need to stop fighting a “politically correct war” and think of how we won WWII by carpet bombing entire cities to the dirt.

Fabulous. Once this country gets over the idea of being “God Blessed,” we’ll be a lot better off.


It appears that not only do you reap what you sow, but you also teach what you sow.
Then again it’s not as if the Iraqi’s were strangers to torture before America. What really strikes me is that it appears, if the official is to be believed, that America has a much better track record of torture, hell, I think they’ve managed at least 3 deaths by severe beating trauma.


executions are still totally legal in the U.S.

Yeah, but we kill people in a civilized, dignified manner, like decent folks do. Not like them heathen barbarians.


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