We order you to feel safe

Don’t let crap like this bother you, please:

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. and Canadian military aircraft have scrambled nearly 1,700 times to intercept or divert suspicious aircraft since September 11, but routine drills illustrate how terrorists could penetrate the airspace around the nation’s capital. [Emphasis added]

Look over here — we’re going to Mars!

Officials said the exercises conducted in early- and mid-December are the latest to show that the best prevention against another terror tragedy in the skies is thorough pre-emptive intelligence and screening, not a last-minute intercept or shootdown of a hijacked commercial airliner. [Emphasis added]

Thank you officials! Come fly the friendly skies everybody!


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You nailed it. Man, am I sick of this. We’re no safer than we were on September 11.

Our Department of Homeland Security gets, like, 12 bucks a year, and doesn’t even have the dough to hook up thier secure computers. Just window dressing. (Ugly window dressing.)

Nice post.


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