Habeas Dorkus

350 Law Profs Write in Opposition to Graham Amendment

Because if the government can arrest you and put you in jail forever without any evidence that you’ve committed a crime, that’s pretty much a problem. Not to mention the whole torture thing. One has to imagine that a capital-‘L’ Libertarian law professor would find it troubling.

Hmm. Renzo, Resnik, Reza…

Nope, not on there [pdf file]. How strange.

“Being a Libertarian doesn’t mean you can’t be a cheerleader for repressive state power ungoverned by the rule of law.”

Well, some would say that it does. In any case, our man Retardo has coined the excellent term, ‘Propertarians,’ to denote self-described Libertarians who don’t really care about liberty, but who will champion any hare-brained free-market casuistry that emits from the GOP or its backline of right-wing foundations: privatization, flat taxes, eliminating Social Security — schemes, one and all, to advance the cause of private property by giving more of it to the propertied. Glenn Reynolds, we mention no names.

On the other hand, Glenn does link to a thing at Legal Affairs today featuring torture lawyer John Yoo.

So at least he has a dog in the race, as it were. Entire text of entry: “JOHN YOO AND NEIL KINKOPF debate the limits to executive power over at the Legal Affairs debate club. Posted at 01:33 PM by Glenn Reynolds.” Keep up the good fight, Insty!


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Ahem. We don’t use “torture” anymore. The Patriotically Correct term is “INTERROGADE!”


while championing any hare-brained free-market casuistry that emits from the GOP or its backline of right-wing foundations: Privatization,

I can’t wait until Reynolds puts his love of torture together with his love of privatization.


Definitely. There’s a total growth-market for private firms in the new torture-prison infrastructure.


I gots digs on:


PainGain Inc.


TickoTimoBomboStat LTD.


Ha! Well, I’ve got dibs on “Spankyco,” and our corporate motto is, “You’ve been a very bad terrorist!” We specialize in “simulated” homosexual acts. Top that, if you dare!


MArq, simulating not enjoying it doesn’t count as “simulated” sex-act.


We’re gonna do it old school. We are only going to use fraternity hazing rituals that have resulted in pledge deaths. We’ll never run out of them, and boy are they creative. Also, there’s lots of homoerotic ones too, so we’re set. We’re calling it Haze-iburton.

Or maybe we’ll just do wet willies, titty twisters, gobble gobblers, rope burns and wiping boogers on ’em. And loogies.



Wait, I’m confused. Is Marq the top is it Pinko Punko? Please advise.


OR is it Pinko Punko? Damn conjunctions.


Oh, dear, PP, I sure can’t top that! [waits for it to sink in]


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