Only in America Jordan

CNN reports:

Jordan’s state-run TV announces resignations of 11 top officials, including the national security adviser, in wake of last week’s bombings.


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Clearly, Jordan suffers from a vicious liberal press that tries to blame the King and his advisers for everything. They could honestly benefit from have a FOX News or an Instapundit to set them straight.


WHAT??? No medals? No promotions? Why do they hate America?


Ah yes.
Just goes to show you how accountable a democracy is, instead of a nation run by a boy-king.


Wow, we’re losing out to an arabic monarchy in terms of accountability.


Or sorry, more accurately, you are, as I’m a canuck. Then again we do have that liberal scandal brewing right now…
But that’s forced an election of no confidence, it’s funny actually, to see our version of the republican party demanding an election for what is, compared to halliburton issues for instance, a nonissue.


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