Never mind the pandas of mass destruction

This is way more important! David Kupelian wants everyone to know that not only is he not gay, his son Joshua isn’t going to become a homosexual either. (Hey, at least he didn’t name his son Paris.) But first, a WorldNetDaily disclaimer:

Editor’s note: This is the first part of a groundbreaking, two-part series on today’s youth culture, by WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian. It is a frank and in-depth exploration of an often-shocking subject, and may not be suitable reading for children. Parental discretion is advised.

Kids out of the room? On with the show! David writes:

my mind wanders back a few years to a time when my son wanted to wear a different “uniform.” …

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

One little thing, though. Mark wore a choker around his neck. Of course, Joshua had always regarded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and the like as strictly girls’ stuff, and wouldn’t dream of donning such gear himself and “looking like a girl” (or a “weirdo”).

Of course he hadn’t! What kind of a weirdo would ever want to do that??? I mean, my 12-year old son is no lover of cock, who do you take him for?!? [Cue Frederick.]

I took him for a walk out on the jetty where we could be alone. … The trance was broken. Realization set in. He cried briefly, gave me a hug, and assured me manfully he did not want to look like a girl and wear a necklace.

Later, my son and I took turns at manfully ordering the wife around the house, too lazy to go to the fridge to get a can of Milwaukee’s Best. [How does a 12-year old assure his father “manfully” anyway? Did he kick him in the balls while saying it?]

in this case it’s an allegiance to an increasingly defiant musical, social, sexual and cultural world, a mysterious (to parents) realm that seems magically to be drawing millions of children into it.

So far, David hasn’t mentioned lesbian kissing — and that is a big disappointment.

For three years, journalist Patricia Hersch journeyed into this exotic subculture. She observed, listened to, questioned, bonded with, and won the trust of eight teens in the typical American town of Reston, Va., ultimately producing her acclaimed portrait…

n=8. What else you got?

“Kids are invited to participate in sexual contests on stage or are followed by MTV cameras through their week of debauchery,”

At last — lesbians are coming, we can feel it.

Not quite. To be sure, millions of youths are in the grip of something destructive, but the corporate aspect is just the visible part. Behind both the corporate manipulators and the youths caught in their selfish and shameful influence lurks another, much more formidable and all-pervasive “marketing campaign” ? a malevolent dimension that has no one’s best interests at heart, and which is programmed to devour all in its path, from the highest to the lowest.

That “something,” which we shall unmask tomorrow in Part 2, is literally intent on degrading this generation so totally that little hope would be left for the next generations of Americans.

Tomorrow!?! But we want to know now! You heard the man boys and girls — come back tomorrow. And hold on to your tuques.

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Kupelian and his son, being such paragons of studliness, may want to investigate “A Very Manly Blog for Manly Men.”


You mean I have to come back tomorrow to hear about the lesbians? Damn.


Sadly, No lesbians in part 2 (at least, not in the version I read). But lots of other perversions, like spam that FORCES half of all good Christians to become porn addicts. And that’s why MTV is turning American into Sodom and Gomorra.


I’m sorry, but I can’t quite seem to get past this sentence in his essay:

“As I stand in rapt attention ? my eyes exploring the boys’ uniforms….”

Just don’t let your eyes linger too long on those boys’ uniforms, fella.


I’m sorry, but I can’t quite seem to get past this sentence in his essay:

“As I stand in rapt attention ? my eyes exploring the boys’ uniforms….”

Well, we’d just assumed that rapt meant erect and moved on.


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