Some how many now?

Excuse us?

Some 1,100 Iraqi lawyers, meanwhile, said they withdrew from Saddam Hussein’s defense team over the slayings of two colleagues representing co-defendants of the ousted leader. Their statement said other lawyers on the team continued to work despite the lack of security.

Saddam Hussein’s defense team included more than 1,100 lawyers? That is one big ass defense team. Had Saddam been just a bit smarter and listened to the Super Fans, he would have known all he needed was Ditka.


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What is he paying all them? How can he afford that many lawyers? That better be a typo.


At some point during the whole invasion/letting-the-insurgency-get-completely out-of-hand thing, I remember hearing at one point that Saddam had withdrawn something like $1 billion in cash just before the party started. Maybe he’s paying them with that.

And considering how long he’s been in prison, that’s pretty incredible. Whatever you think of the man personally or professionally, you have to respect anyone who can keep that much cash hidden in his ass for that long.


Saddam had better start outsourcing his research and brief-writing.


“Some how many now?”

That’s what I thought when I read that, too. How in the world do you even employ a thousand lawyers on a case?


And that’s just the ones who withdrew. Good God.


I have seen this strange turn of phrase before. I think what it means is that the entire (previously state-sponsored) Lawyers’ Union placed itself at the disposal of the defense, for patriotic reasons, but has now dissociated itself as a protest at the absurd conditions of menace to the actual lawyers on the spot.


Man, that sounds like a real Dream Team — or, rather, former Dream Team.


If the moustache does not fit…


Am I the only one that’s reminded of this?

Hutz: Mr. Burns, we’ve got witnesses, precedent and a paper trail a mile long.
Burns: Yes. But I have ten high-priced lawyers. [opens wall revealing lawyers]
Hutz: Ya, ya, yaaa!!! [runs out of office]
Homer: He left his briefcase. Hey, it’s full of shredded newspaper.


Meanwhile, those poor saps in gitmo don’t even get habeus corpus and due process.


On Anna’s point, please e-mail your Senators to express your support for the Bingaman amendment link


Too bad Cochran is dead


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