Ken Mehlman Deserves Some Kind of Award for This

RNC chairman Ken Mehlman is on Meet the Press right now making the argument that Americans will keep voting for Republicans because they’re “the party of change”:

The American people want change, because too often the government hasn’t served their needs.

Riiiiiight. And who’s been in charge of that government for the last five years?


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I can’t believe I was actually watching Boy Wonder Stephanopolous this morning, but Liddy Dole was on the same tack: the party that will “grow the economy…”

Um, you guys have had several years now of unopposed power. Why the hell are things getting worse?


I love that- the party that “will grow the economy.” The economy grew under Jimmy Carter, guys. The economy REALLY grew under Clinton. With the exception of Herbert Hoover, the economy has ALWAYS grown during presidential terms.


Gotta love it. More of the same is change.

And war is peace.
And freedom is slavery.
And ignorance is strength.


Saw him this morning doling all that out for Russert.

In connection with Iraq he must have said “9/11” forty or fifty times and Russert finally just stopped him cold and said “Iraq and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11” Mehlman stopped and looked at him like he thought about arguing and Russert said “Nothing”.


How about we name an award after him?

Every year, we vote on who’s the most shamelessly lying, closeted conservative hack and give them a nice big Mehlman. Award, a Mehlman award.


It’s true, they are the party of change. Pocket change.


Conservative is Progressive.


Well, it’s obvious that the only sensible change we can make is to vote even more Rethuglicans into power. Obviously, their only outstanding problem is that there are still two or three Democratic office holders kicking around. Getting rid of them will clear things right up!



Forcing the world and America into a nuclear war that lets God sort em out “is” change.

Now stop your complaining and go join the New World Order like good little converts.


Change? Republicans? Lessee, Reagan = ballooning deficit, illegal war, hard times for ordinary people, good times for robber barons. Bush I = ditto. Bush II = ditto. I guess he’s right.


5 years? I make it more like 11. Remember, the republicains started taking the house and senate starting mid way through clinton’s first term. Ok, so they’ve only had every branch of government for only 5, but don’t let people forget that the R party has been in charge of making laws for over a decade now.


But, Brad, you’ll never get them to admit that Clinton had anything to do with the great economy of the ’90’s. However, he had everything to do with the crash that occurred during Bush II.

Ya gotta admit…they have interesting thought processes.


They’re the party of change, alright!


I don’t know how you can listen to him. I want to punch that smug lying mouth after about two seconds.


But, but, but… he’s ambiguously straight!


“Republicans are the party of change.”




Wait… Change? I thought they were Conservative! Doesn’t that mean resisting change? Preserving the status quo? Hell, most of the time the Right is pissed off because things are changing and they don’t like it. But I guess I should know better than to expect consistency from these people. Do I ever get it? Sadly, no.


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