Brownie Watch

Well, Brownie is FINALLY off the government’s payroll. Phew.

I wonder what he’ll do next. Perhaps he’s interested in being the general manager for the Boston Red Sox.


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I suggest that we give his old job to Gina Gershon; she used to love Puppy Chow IIRC — MREs should be no problem!


Brad, I thought you were a Red Sox fan!


Dan- I am, but we need a GM badly, and Brownie’s about as good an option as any (seriously, most GMs are dumb anyway. Letting Theo go was the worst move since trading Babe Ruth.)


I have to admit — as a Right Sox fan watching from Wrong Sox territory — that I was bewildered by Theo’s exit. I admit I have not watched for reports of internal strife among owners/management of the Sox (who has?), so I don’t know: Were there lots of warnings that this sort of thing might happen? Was Theo feuding with Lucchino et al., and did everybody in Boston know it? Or was it an extra and unexpected kick in the gut after the Sox collapsed in the playoffs?


I’d take Duquette back before I’d accept Brownie!!


I think Brownie should be made managing editor of the National Review. I mean, could it be made worse? And, as a bonus, his “shrewd” business sense would end up running that craptacular publication straight into the ground. And the writers could all go over to Townhall or Renew America! No harm, no foul.


Oh, and Brownie…?

…don’t let the door hitcha on yer way out!! Bitch.


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