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For The Rant’s Barbara Stock:

The media follows the president to foreign soil to hound him about ?Plamegate,? and all the while, parts of Europe are coming unglued. The liberal media in America barely mentions it. [Emphasis added.]

What do the websites of CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, the LA Times and The Washington Post have in common?

They all feature stories on the riots going on in France right there on their start page.

Do they have anything else in common?

Almost. Only NBC News has a story about Joe Wilson or Plamegate on their start page. A story dated October 28, 2005. The others? Sadly, No! (As of 20:25 German Time.)


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I love it when Rantians trash the media for not covering stuff that they’re covering.


What is it with wingnuts having persecution complexes? They’re the ones in power.


What is it with wingnuts having persecution complexes? They’re the ones in power.

Yeah. Imagine what’ll happen when Hillary gets elected in 2008? That’s gonna be UG-UH-LEEE.


Off topic, but Adam Yoshida, wingnut extraordinaire is posting again. And he has comments enabled if you click the timestamp.


They jes’ luvs them some o’ dat “Culture of Victimization”–it plays so good to the base.

Plus, they’re just gittin’ warmed up for “Leftists want to eliminate ‘Merry Christmas'” season, rapidly approaching.


The only problem with playing the “victim”-card is that, now that it’s (just) beginning to become true (in spite of the massive power they continue to hold), is that Americans hate crybabies. Strangely enough, to claim victimhood, when nothing of the kind is occurring, is looked on as cute or something, but to start going “Wah! Wah! The press is being a bunch of meanies about our various crimes!” doesn’t gain them much sympathy. Odd, that.


Anyone else notice that the uproar yesterday was about the secret CIA prison leak. Not about the secret prisons themselves, mind you, but about the leak.



That fact has not escaped my attention. The whole deal makes me want to booze up and riot. Seems like the current administration has learned from the past, and decided it was a pretty good idea.


further proof that facts are meaningless to the RW…..


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