Hell Yes

Mein Gropenfuhrer! I can vote!

In a stinging rebuke from voters who elected him two years ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger?s efforts to reshape state government were rejected during a special election that darkened his prospects for a second term.

The Republican governor and former Hollywood actor, who likes to say he can sell anything, on Tuesday saw all four of his signature ballot proposals rejected.

Note to California Democrats: you’ve got him on the ropes. All you have to do is not nominate Warren Beatty and you’ll knock him out.


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What’s wrong with Warren Beatty?


He’ll freak out and start rapping during the campaign- haven’t you seen Bullworth?

In all seriousness, though, I’m sick of Hollywood flakes (Arnold) and/or professional athletes (Jim Bunning) who use their celebrity to run for office. OK, so Bill Bradley was one of the Dems’ best senators, but to me he’s the exception that proves the rule.


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The freepers are going shithouse :). Check out their live thread, I sent it to gavin earlier, but everyone should share in this goodness. They went from totally sure they were winners to railing against those damn messicans.
“Is California trying to take the place of France for shear stoopidity.” -Freeper

Click here to see Freepers’ hopes crushed!


Ah, but they’ll always have… Texas. 🙁


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