Hey kids, I’m extremely busy today and might not get around to posting until tomorrow, but I’m working on an XTREME Wingnut Preach-Off that will absolutely blow your mind. It’s gonna be a battle for the ages: Jim Rutz v.s. Pastor Swank (OK, so Swank is gonna totally kick his ass, but I have a duty to hype it up anyway). Stay tuned.


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does this mean we can’t go to the park like you promised?


I predict Jesus will win.


OOH! That Christmas Eve-kinda feeling. I LOVE it!


It’s Christmas in… november? S,N! knows if you’ve been discussing womb babies.


Consider the bar set, dude. If it doesn’t totally blow my mind, and I mean TOTALLY, someone is gonna get his ass kicked, and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Swank.


If it involves Pastor Swank’s denounciation of Wal-Mart for enabling Satanists and witches, I already called that sermon!

(Okay, you can have it, but only because you’re so cute.)


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