A Steel Reserve Sequel?

It’s Monday night, there’s football on, and I don’t have to be up ’til around 10 tomorrow morning, so I might juuuuuust be up for doing “STEEL RESERVE: THE SEQUEL” tonight. Stick around and see, cobagz…

9:25 pm: TOUCHDOWN, DEION BRANCH!!!! I’m in the middle of my first Steel Reserve.

“Just hook it up to my veins, beeeeee-yotch!!!!!”


10:21 pm: Dammit. I hate Duane Starks. We got some work to do in the seoncd halfd (on my third Steel Resreve!!!)

10:29 pm: Oh. My. God. Do I ever h8 that asshole Tim McGraw. I can’t believe they’re playing one of his songs during halftime at a Pats’ game. WE HATE THAT SHITE PSEUDO-COUNTRY MUSIC UP HERE, ASSHOLES!!! I like country muhself- I’m thinkin’ Hank Em-Effin’ Williams and Johnny Cash- but Tim McGraw? UTTER BOLLOCKS, NFL!!!! EAT IT!!!

10:37 pm: Second half starting. Will be back.

11:01– Genius screen. Touchdown Graham. Now the defense needs to step up.

11:47 pm: Right, that Harrison TD is the nail in the coffin. Goin’ to bed. Night all.


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I raise my glass of Pizza Port and toast your STEEL RESERVE: “Slalom!”

and go Pats!@

(looks good so far)


I sense a high scoring game.


Wow. Is that a hazmat warning on the Steel Reserve truck?


woot! what D?!? WHAT D?!?

rough first play on the turnover, but I wonder what the line was on the pats getting an interception in the first half


Sifu- yeah me too. They’ve gotta stop James- he’s just running all over ’em. And here I was worried about Harrison/Wayne/Stokley.


Tweet- it’s not lookin’ good. Not good aT ALL.


God, Vrabel is hot.

And I’ll stick with my expertly mixed greyhounds, thankyewverrymuch.


And I’ll stick with my expertly mixed greyhounds, thankyewverrymuch.

Context? Cause right now, you sound like a dawg fucker!!!


Ok, it’s still not looking GREAT, but that TD looked pretty good. Now they just have to do that 3 times as often as the Colts offense they have stopped exactly once.


(on my, uh, third, I guess. Not keeping careful track)


so uh, right on back to not looking to good.


Oh sure, we invite you to our party and you’re a complete no show. No call, no e-mail and quite frankly no respect! And you expect us to come crawling back here the minute you start on a case of SR?!




You tell ’em PupH!


Did someone say free beer?!


You missed it dude! We had teh l4me in a tutu. Res, PR, Chuckles, Fulsome and ADORABLE GIRLFRIEND were all there and they were nasty. Plus Yosef lost his pants.


ok that was the weirdest touchdown ever.

can’t say I agree with the call, except that… YEAH! GOOD CALL!

maybe somebody can explain to me how that worked?


Sifu- Bellechick’s challenging.


i think each end every steel reserve is a nail in a coffin,


Damn you Brad! You caught me on a dry night (have to work on a stupid paper… at least the term’s almost over).
Of course, my dorm’s got a fucked up drinking rep- some bastard threw a trashcan full of puke down the stairs a couple nights ago… damn cheap underage drunks.


Greyhound (expertly mixed by yours truly): one ounce* Grey Goose, two ounces grapefruit juice, over ice, with a grapefruit rind twist.

*little over two ounces.


*little over two ounces**

**more like four ounces***

***OK five ounces tops!


I’m rather partial to the Belfast Car-bomb myself, though the classic rum and Coke is always good as well.

Prince of Dirkness

You’ve just reminded me of one of my favorite beer reviews ever:

“Steel Reserve 211
This was so wonderful, went down smooth as syrup and was really classy, baby. And then I remembered I’m not a Crack Whore! As long as there is any alcoholic alternative, including Prison Wine, this “Steel Reserve” will not pass my lips again.

Rating: Sucky.”


BTW, Nice call on the Pizza Port, Sifu. Second best beer from San Diego.



I didn’t even watch the game last night. After I got done with Dinner with the GF I went home and listened for a few minutes on the radio and realized I had no chances to win my fantasy football game. Stupid Pats. Now I hate them even more!


Yo: you should know that all Boston area teams suck. (Don’t everyone start, from a girl perspective it’s totally true). Ever since Bird and Bobby O. left, the curse has been on. Don’t tell me the Sox winning like one year in over 80 years can make up for all the lost fantasy league games and the money I had to choke down when I lived in New York because I had to defend the stupid city of Boston.

The winnings of the Pats were a conspiracy for the lost White House to an idiot from Texas, TWICE!

You are welcome to visit the only true winning Boston team: Old Ironsides in Charlestown.


Dude- the Pats have won THREE OF THE LAST FOUR SUPERBOWLS. Are you out of your mind? That’s a fuckin’ dynasty.


Dang. Gregor’s got my number…Yet again. (ouch)


3 years in a row, plus the red sox are world champs, there was a hurricaine named Beta, and hockey is on again.

But I still need a burning bush, and i mean that biblically, to signal the apocalypse for real.


There, there, teh–don’t let mean ol’ Gregor put a frown on your purdy little face. Take another sip and settle down, There’s a good boy….


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