WorldNetDaily: Succeeding Where Countless Professional Weapons Inspectors Have Failed

Joseph Farah proudly pulls down his pants and cuts a big, juicy fart right in reality’s face:

WMDs have been found in Iraq
See list of major discoveries since U.S. invasion

While members of the U.S. Senate are suggesting once again that no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reviews the major discoveries, including more than 1.7 tons of enriched uranium.

Why do major politicians from both sides of the aisle continue to ignore the solid confirmation about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction policy under Saddam Hussein?

Probably because they only exist in your LSD-addled brain, Joe.

Check out the latest report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online, intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND, now available for as little as $9.95 per month and cancelable at any time.

Sorry, I draw the line at paying for wingnuttery, especially when other folks are giving it away for free.


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I followed your link to The Rant, which led me to a Newsmax article about Saddam’s uranium stockpiles, which included the following paragraph:

Thomas B. Cochran, director of the nuclear program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the Times that “the low-enriched version could be useful to a nation with nuclear ambitions.”

What I want to know is, how long has the NRDC had a nuclear program? Does anybody know if Greenpeace or PETA also has a nuclear program? NRDC must be pretty far along, if they’re willing to openly discuss their program with the Times. Do we need to bring the Chinese and the Japanese into multilateral talks to get these people to halt their program?


If my sources (Joseph Farah) are correct, the teletubbies are in fact byproducts of this NRDC nuclear program.


Tuwaitha was under IAEA seal, sealed since 1992, and only unsealed when it we allowed it to be looted under our freaking noses after the most recent war. Anyone who sincerely calls this “chilling” or “unknown” is so stupid they should be in quarantine.


Is Tuwaitha one of the teletubbies?


Is Tuwaitha one of the teletubbies?

Yes, it’s the one with the little centrifuge on top.


Did you mean “farT right” or “far right”??

Maybe Farah is ignored because he’s a total wackjob. He also thinks Al-Quida has smuggled nukes into the US already.


If Greenpeace had a nuke would they picket themselves?? Now PETA with a nuke, THAT I would believe….


Gee, if only Bush’s administration had acted on the post-9/11 security recommendations for ports and containerized shipping…


Ha, PETA with a nuke … I bet people would stop wearing fur then, huh?


kinda like, why milk the cow when you can get the cheese for free?


More like “why pay for the asshole when you can get the big, juicy farts for free?”

(Somewhere, JimmyJeff Guckert cries in a corner upon hearing that aphorism.)


Hey, he needs that money! Hell, moustache upkeep alone must run into the hundreds of thousands for that asshole. He’s probably buying grecian by the case lot.


You sometimes get the feeling that evolution has peaked and is now running backwards, collapsing on itself?


Big party still going on at 3bulls! Excuse my pantslessness. Noone will tell me where they hid them last night.


Um, Yosef, is that a bit of pant leg I see dangling from your… uhhh… (OK, Marq–it’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen a pantsless man with an unnatural object protruding from his… GAH!) …Ummm… Man, you must have been wasted–somebody wrote “kick me” on, well, your asscheeks with nail polish. Uh, not that I was checking out your butt… (Gaaah!)


This is way OT, but I’m cross-posting this from a WO’C comment thread on the off chance that it might save a few of you from an unpleasant day/possible massive data loss.

Here’s a bit of info that might save your Pee Cee from a horrible fate (i.e. a Windoze re-install).
It seems that on recent copy-protected CDs, Sony/BMG has been installing cloaked software that hijacks your ability to use music files. Oh, it’s charming. These invisible files are installed without your permission or knowledge. What’s more, if you remove this malware, it can lead to a full re-format of the hard drive, and a full re-install of Windoze. Fun! Ah, but there’s more!
In further news, Sony has issued a patch that “de-cloaks” the nasty DRM program. It doesn’t remove it, mind you. Just makes it visible. Removal still nukes your Pee Cee.
Yet more about this story here. Plus, how long did you think it would take for malicious-types to use this cloaking scheme for nefarious purposes? Evidently, not very long.
So, in conclusion, unless you like wiping your drive and re-installing everything, I suggest avoiding recent releases from Sony/BMG and related labels. Or buy them as downloads at iTunes or Napster or whichever online download service tickles your fancy. Or, ditch the Pee Cee for a Mac or a Linux system–they aren’t affected by any of the above, as usual (he said, typing on his cute little Mac mini).


I prefer for the repigs to spend my tax money to be lied to. Not my own personal money


Ok, so it took, like, 5 comments before the inevitable Joseph-Farrah-mustache-ride quip. But seriously, am I the only one who finds Farrah dreamy? I mean, seriously, dumb, practically brain-dead guys are great in bed. Compliant, deferential, eager…you don’t get much back-talk when you demand pull this, kiss that, suck the other thing.., etc.

…anyway, thank God I have the option of not posting this. Imagine my total embarrassment if I were to hit the “post” button by mistake…*blush*


You guys need to wise up. Quit trying to argue against reason and take a hint from your fearless leader. Lie all the way to the gallows. Here’s what “Darth Democrat” had to say at Rosa Parks memorial.
Clinton said he was 9 years old when Parks refused to give up her seat. and he and his friends “couldn’t figure out anything we could do since we couldn’t even vote. So we began to sit in the back of the bus when we got on.”
Not quite Billy.
Hope, Arkansas, was a town of less than 9,000 when Bill Clinton was growing up there and did not have a public bus system. So, he had to be talking about school buses. At that time, the school system in Hope was racially segregated. There would not have been any black students on the bus to relegate to the back of the bus.


Velma… two things
2.Who the fuck cares?


So it was a gesture of solidarity. Seeing as he couldn’t contribute more substantially, seeing as the school bus had no black kids.

Try again Velma.


Wow, this bog is attracting some real quality trolls! Keep up the great work guys!


Yoiks! Hey Velma, I found your glasses…And your brain.



Well, you know what they say…

Q: Are we not men?
A: We are Devo!

(to wit, Velma)


Hey, watch what you say about LSD addled brains!


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