Dum, dum, dum… Another Hack Bites the Dust!

And another one gone, and another one gone, and another hack bites the dust!

Kenneth Tomlinson, the former board chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting accused by critics of trying to politicize public television and radio, has resigned from the board, it said on Thursday.

Tomlinson, a Republican, quit shortly before CPB Inspector General Kenneth Konz was to publish a report after investigating his activities, including paying outside researchers to check public programming for liberal bias.

Oooo, I hope they release Tomlinson’s report on PBS’ liberal bias! Here are my predictions:

“Subject looks distinctly Froggish… almost French. Is also extremely green, the color of both the tree huggers’ movement and the demon weed, marijuana.”

“Implies dinosaurs existed, which, according to the Bible, they didn’t.”

“Objectively pro-homo.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“The worst of all possible worlds. Subjects look like a psychotic gay hippie’s acid trip. Also, the program itself is narrated by some non-American Queeropean. Must be the first targeted for cancellation.”


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I guess it’s safe to assume my stuff doesn’t stand a chance…


Ken: Ernie t-tried to k-k-kiss me!


I just knew that the Red Menace had turned that despicable banjo playing frog!


1.) Jim Henson is dead, and they’re raping his corpse.
2.) Barney *is* evil.
3.) I don’t believe that Bert is evil.
4.) Lamb Chop rocks!


You may be wrong about including Barney. All right thinking American Taliban members know that man and dinosaurs used to be best friends.


Anthropomorphising animals just encourages future vegetarianism.

“Happy meals” aside.

All children’s books with talking animals are part of the Vegan Agenda.


part of the Vegan Agenda

Which is a lovely earth-tone hemp.


Is that real? Did Lambchop really do a Passover video? Did no one tell her where they got the blood they smeared on the doorways?!

Talk about a Passover Surprise.


Has anyone else noticed that Dr. BLT sucks? Just curious.

Adorable Girlfriend

The best post everah!

I heart Bert and Ernie. I have a thing for Ernie, even if he is The Big ‘Mo!


ACG: You just made my freakin’ day. If I were a laugh-until-I-cried kind of guy, I’d be in tears.


No kidding, Dan, I still have a cramp in my diaphragm.


Have you ever seen Boohbah? I think it’s what the Teletubbies watch while they’re tripping.


The tele-tubbies are allways tripping. I have a sneaking suspicion they film that in amsterdam.


Hey, Brad, you forgot Buster Bunny and his fabulous Vermont adventure with the maple syrup and the lesbians! Just sayin’.


Keeping in mind, of course, that Buster’s big “adventure” with lesbians consisted of acknowledging that they exist. How radical.


The Teletubbies aren’t narrated at all beyond those inscrutable speaker pipes.


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