Based on your answers, you are most likely a neoconservative

Happy days are here again! Minutes seconds of entertainment await if you click on the link and decide to take the Christian Science Monitor’s quiz Are you a “neocon”?

This may be the greatest quiz ever, and it’s amazingly easy to figure out how you too can be a neocon (or, as David Brooks likes to joke, a Jew.) Typical questions look like this:

Q. What do you think should have been the US response after September 11?

  • 1. Hide under the bed and cry for mommy.
  • 2. The World Trade Center towers needed major repairs anyway — it’s just a bummer about all those dead people.
  • 3. Ask the government of Iran if it knows who did it.
  • 4. The only problem with the Bush administration’s policy is that he waited so long before attacking Iraq and tried to get support from the traitorous French.
  • So take the quiz — you might learn a thing or two. Well, maybe not.


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    what a weird quiz. The questions aren’t that clearly distinguished from one another and I wouldn’t say they accurately reflect anything I think. I came out a ‘liberal’ and the only liberals they could think of were wilson and carter. Clinton didn’t seem to fall into any of their categories (not that I think he should have, its just interesting to see that some people/policies/administrations seemingly can’t be categorized. Perhaps that is because the judgements required to decide what to do in any given case are too complex for binary line drawing? just my guess.



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