Looks like Mike’s a bit off message

Just a bit. Writing in the National Review, Michael Rubin unleashes this gem:

True: Polls do not lie. Iraqis dislike occupation. They resent stopping on busy highways for slow-moving military convoys. They juxtapose the Green Zone’s generators with their own worsening electricity supply.

Oh really? Better tell this guy. In other news, Iraqis aren’t just ingrates — they’re dumb ingrates:

They [Iraqis] fail to understand why U.S. diplomats who seldom leave their quarters must block off the center of their city rather than build their cantonment on its outskirts.

Iraqis, you silly people.


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“Iraqis today employ technologies that were nonexistent or off-limits to all but the Baathist elite just three years ago. As of September 2005, there were more than 3.5 million cell-phone subscribers in Iraq, for example.”

well thank GOD they have cell phones! most of their phone calls probably go something like: “hello hassan. yeah. rough day. insurgents blew up my fruit stand and killed 30 people. the streets are running with blood…but you have to see my new flip phone! it has a camera and everything.”

in other news…


woah! did the dems just grow a set? i mean, day late and a dollar short but still…


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