Good God, This is a Stupid Column

Fee Benamon, who got her start as one of Marie’s proteges, chimes in today with one of the most utterly gobshite retarded columns ever written by anyone:

War Games… Fighting an Uphill Battle
By Felicia Benamon

Here we go again! I’m sure by now the American public knows of the agenda in the mainstream media to try to make the American troops look like the aggressors in the War on Terror. I sneered at the latest attempt by the media to make our troops look bad…the reports of burnt bodies of Taliban fighters U.S. troops “supposedly” desecrated.

Uhm, Fee? Burning the bodies of Taliban fighters actually does make these troops look bad. That’s why the Army has, you know, launched a criminal investigation into the matter.

I will side with the troops as they give their reasons for burning the bodies ( Stench Prompted U.S. Troops to Burn Corpses )…they simply reeked!

First of all, I love how Fee accuses the eeeeeeevil mainstream media of maligning our troops, even though she cites an article in Time Magazine as proof of their innocence.

Second of all, people weren’t offended by the burned bodies alone- it was that the bodies were allegedly used to bait enemy forces. Let’s read a bit from the actual article:

Fueling the furor was the fact that the TV report showed that after the bodies were torched, a U.S. Psychological-Operations team descended on Gonbaz in Humvees with their loudspeakers booming: “Taliban, you are cowardly dogs. You are too scared to come down and retrieve the bodies. This just proves you are the lady-boys we always believed you to be.”

Now, I’m willing to believe that the troops did actually burn the bodies because they stank. It probably wasn’t wise to do it atop a hill overlooking a village, but I can buy that part of the story.

However, using these corpses to taunt the enemy fits right in with every other bizarre tactic that U.S. PsyOps teams routinely employ to humiliate Muslims, including the smearing of detainees’ faces with fake menstrual blood and kicking around copies of the Koran. I’ll wait until all the facts are out before I make a final judgment, but this sort of thing is sadly within the realm of believability.

Our soldiers are not in the business of “playing nice”. But they will observe the rules of the Geneva Conventions.

The soldiers who burnt the Taliban bodies acted within those rules. The Taliban fighters were not tortured in any way, and our troops certainly do not have an obligation to observe Muslim standards of burial. I am sure the locals had no love for the Taliban fighters, and could care less how they are buried.

Uhm, sadly, No? Sadly, sadly, sadly, no?

Cremating bodies is banned under Islam, and one Muslim leader in Afghanistan compared the video to photographs of U.S. troops abusing prisoners at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.

“Abu Ghraib ruined the reputation of the Americans in Iraq and to me this is even worse,” Faiz Mohammed told The Associated Press from northern Kunduz province. “This is against Islam. Afghans will be shocked by this news. It is so humiliating. There will be very, very dangerous consequences from this.”

A cleric in Kabul, Said Mohammed Omar, said, “The burnings of these bodies is an offense against Muslims everywhere. Bodies are only burned in hell.”

Fee, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but if you actually bother to read the news, it will help make your arguments stronger. You might wanna look into that next time.

I am reminded of the way that US contractors’ bodies were treated, burnt and hanging from a bridge in Iraq last year, poked and prodded at by mobs. Where was the outrage after that incident?!

Everywhere. Seriously, it was everywhere. This picture was on the front of nearly every newspaper I read, including the pinko Boston Globe:


Also, it’s not like the insurgents in Fallujah never got their comeuppance- we kinda went in and blew them up last November. Just sayin’.

Speaking of which, I have just learned of an incident the media didn’t report…American contractors were attacked in Iraq …again, and one man was burned ALIVE ( Four U.S. Contractors Killed in Iraq )!

Truly amazing. Fee accuses the media of not reporting on the deaths of four American contractors in Iraq. To prove this, she links to media report about the deaths of four U.S. contractors in Iraq.

Where’s the media on this story?!

Right here. And here. Here too. And don’t forget here. Did I mention here as well?

Their priorities lie with reporting on how our soliders are behaving in Afghanistan.

What’s a “solider?”

No mention was made about terrorists in Iraq setting someone on fire, the poor man burning ALIVE! I believe that is over the top as far as “atrocities” are concerned. No outcry over that?! I’m sure that falls under extreme torture!

But as usual, the mainstream media continues to find fault and nitpick at our troops’ methods of interrogating and engaging the enemy.

Saying that our soldiers/soliders shouldn’t burn the bodies of Muslims is “nitpicking.” I love it.


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God, I love the “Where’s the outrage!” line of argument.

Let me criticize you for something you or people like you didn’t say. At least that I know of.

It’s wingnutty goodness!


It must be so relaxing and refreshing to just give up on gathering information from the world and unilaterally “decide” what reality is.

Let’s hope “Fee” decides that cars don’t really exist, and has herself a picnic on an interstate highway.


Let’s hope “Fee” decides that cars don’t really exist, and has herself a picnic on an interstate highway.



I mean, like, they reeked, y’know? And, like, our soldiers had to, like, do something, y’know? I mean, y’know, it’s not like they could sit there smelling that! Eeeeew! Gross! And so, y’know, they don’t have, like, Lysol over there, DUH!, so what else could they do? I mean, really! Why is everyone making such a huge deal of it?


The bigger story here is the lame-ness of the US Army’s smack-talk! Lady-boys?! Shit, you’d have to have pretty thin skin to let that bother you.


Damn it’s hard not to be seen as agressive when you invade folks. What a dweeb.


Shortened: “They did bad stuff first!”

Neo-Conservativism: “If it was good enough for third grade, it’s good enough for national politics.”


This “columnist” strikes me as the type of person who has to relearn how to remember which hole the shit comes out of in the morning. Marie has taught her well.

What’s a “solider?”

I don’t know, but it sounds like a toilet and excretion is involved. Perhaps Ms. Fee can enlighten us on that subject tomorrow morning.


Couldn’t find “solider” in the Porcelain Lexicon, but will bet that it’s denser than “floater.” And who’s to say that “lady-boys” talk wasn’t part of a promo to…PUMP THEM UP!


I think they said “lady-boys” because nobody will teach them to say “faggots” or “motherfuckers” in Arabic.


Yeah, that’s what Americuh’s underfunded and undermanned Arabic translation experts really need urgently, a ready list of arabic cuss words.

Does anyone else find it amazing that, just like Marie, this deluded moron doesen’t realize that creating a corpse burning pile and calling out insults to muslims over a loudspeaker might just be the kind of thing that *creates* terrorists out of citizens?
I think marie is making clones out of her used thongs… I fear for the future of the universe


What’s a “solider?”

It means “more solid” as in “Fee’s head is solider than a rock.”


the reports of burnt bodies of Taliban fighters U.S. troops “supposedly” desecrated.

That’s beautiful — she put the scare quotes around the wrong word! It sounds like she’s arguing against herself.

The flame of “intelligence” and “erudition” continues to burn bright amongst right-wing dingbats.


I think they said “lady-boys” because nobody will teach them to say “faggots” or “motherfuckers” in Arabic.

Not to pick nits, but insulting Afghans in Arabic probably wouldn’t accomplish much–there are 47 (!) languages spoken in Afghanistan, only one of which is derived directly from Arabic, and it’s spoken by only about 5000 people. So, unless this was done near one of a handful of isolated villages, no one would understand what was being said.
The languages are:
Aimaq; Arabic, Tajiki Spoken; Ashkun; Azerbaijani, South; Balochi, Western; Brahui; Darwazi; Domari; Farsi, Eastern; Gawar-Bati; Grangali; Gujari; Hazaragi; Jakati; Kamviri; Karakalpak; Kati; Kazakh; Kirghiz; Malakhel; Mogholi; Munji; Ormuri; Pahlavani; Parachi; Parya; Pashayi, Northeast; Pashayi, Northwest; Pashayi, Southeast; Pashayi, Southwest; Pashto, Northern; Pashto, Southern; Prasuni; Sanglechi-Ishkashimi; Savi; Shughni; Shumashti; Tangshewi; Tirahi; Tregami; Turkmen; Uyghur; Uzbek, Southern; Waigali; Wakhi; Warduji; and Wotapuri-Katarqalai. The predominant languages are Eastern Farsi and Southern Pashto. About the Arabic, Tajiki Spoken:

[abh] 5,000 in Afghanistan (1967 Farhadi). Population total all countries: 6,000. Spoken in a few villages west of Daulatabad (Khushalabad), near Balkh (Yakhdan), Aq Chah (Sultan Aregh), Shibarghan (Hassanabad), and south of Talukan in Takhar Province; 4 northern provinces. Some in Uzbekistan. Also spoken in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Dialects: Balkh Arabic. May be a mixed language. The language is close to Mesopotamian Spoken Arabic. Sharp dialect differences between Bukhara and Kashkadarya regions in Tajikistan. Bukhara is strongly influenced by Tajiki; Kashkadarya by Uzbek and other Turkic languages. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic

I think it’s safe to say that our intelligence services have very few translators who speak any of these languages, outside of the two dominant ones, the Arabic (though perhaps not this dialect), and maybe a couple who might understand a bit of Turkman. So, there you go.


Oh, and my above info comes from, for those of you interested in reading about any of those 47 languages.


If all we ever do is the right thing, would “Fee” or one of her wingnut Kool-Aiders kindly explain why it is that the US military keeps on prosecuting these “do-gooders?” Does JAG get its cues from al-Jazeera these days?

How stupid do you have to be to even try to excuse a lot of this shit?


Marq, that is a very good point, but don’t you have to learn Arabic to read the Koran as the translated versions are not authoritative? This is not to say that the average Afghan villager is fluent, but it may not be a totally foreign language…


I’m purely speculating here, Woodrowfan, but it seems possible to me that the average villager may get his Koranic instruction from an imam, not from directly reading the Koran; and hence would have no need to understand Arabic.


Plus, I’m thinking “lady boy” is quite possibly not in the Koran.


Marq, it’s possible they _had_ translators for those languages, but they were probably “lady-boys” and got kicked out of the service…


You know, it seems like PsyOps would be some scary shit. I always expect them to be like the bad guys in “the Invisibles,” but whenever I hear about one of their efforts in our wars, it sounds like something out of Dr. Strangelove or Catch 22.

Either they’re trying to confuse me, or they’re just kind of incompetant.

You know, that seems to have been the problem with 1984; The despots were too competant. Real despots are… weird.


They are trying to confuse you.


Quote: Let’s read a bit from the actual article [Time]”

The Time article is popular because it omits from the quoted taunts “you allowed your men to be burnt facing west”
ie: towards mecca.

You know the whole Koran down the toilet riots weren’t about water wastage.


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