A what now?

If it quacks like a lamb, and looks like a lamb, it, well, let Justin Darr tell you:

With the power to appeal to the electorate stolen away, the 22nd Amendment has made every popular President a lamb duck the day after their reelection.

Ah yes, a lamb duck. Perhaps you’d like to know more about Justin?

He is also a fountain of relatively useless knowledge due to years of University study.

Looks like a pretty dry fountain.


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Man, that’s one of his lambest columns yet!


It’s actually a fairly cogent post – typo aside. I think he has a real point, although I don’t know if the potential alternative (president for life) is an improvement over a lame duck 2nd term.


This and Kaye…next thing you know, RenewAmerica is going to sign a columnist who spells the way Chaucer used to.


Man, that’s one of his lambest columns yet!

Yeah, I’d be pretty sheepish if I’d written that column.


Yo, Justin! Thanks for the shout out–we love your nubby little candy-corn teeth. So caucasian!!! Lawlz…


Still, he has mutton on Kaye Grogan.


“Font of knowledge” reads a lot better.


Nah, John, he bleats her hands down.


And Chimpy lies…

… down on Broadway.


le medecin ‘BLT’ n’existe pas.


Oh, this thread is shear genius! You guys are flockin’ hilarious! I dip my hat to you.


Poor Justin, you really Oviscerated him here.


Remember, also, that the 22nd Amendment prevents utter fools like Bush from damaging the nation for more than 8 years.


Heh heh. “Lame dick.”


B is nowhere near E on my square typing buttons.


Are the lamb ducks still screaming, Darrisse?


Yeah, I don’t think that’s a typo, either. I think he actually thinks the phrase is “lamb duck”.

That’s priceless, actually. It’s almost better than anything I’ve got in the collection of clever non sequiturs from college history blue book exams.

But nothing will ever beat the person who thought Hitler’s famed battle technique was the “Blintz Krieg”.

“Lamb duck” is still pretty good, though.


In most mature democracies, appealing to the electorate in this way (otherwise known as pandering) is considered to be bad for policy. It’s pretty much a given that the worst long term political decisions are made in the run up to elections.


Mmmmm… blintz krieg.


that was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd.


Quid pro quo, Doctor. Now you tell me: Where has Bill taken Shari Lewis, Doctor? WHERE?!?!?


Sorry about the typo. It was an honest mistake, see I had just gone with my wife to dinner with some of her hippie friends and they only served tofu mutton, stupid liberals. So I had lamb on my mind. Of course the hippies probably wanted to quit eating and go vote for Stalin as quick as possible.


Oh, that sneaky Justin….thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes.


Hey, now! Before ramming Justin for his wooly-headed comments, we should remember that he’s a veteran.

All right, a “veteran retail manager”, as he himself proclaims, but still.

Remember: ewe could be next!


Anybody else hungry now for some duck with mint jelly???

A “typo”? Surreeee it was, the “E” and the “B” as so close together on the keyboard!!! (eye roll)


Xena, patron saint of veteran retail managers everywhere.


Woodrowfan, you can choose to not believe me that it was a typo because the b and e are not close together on the keyboard. But at Sears, we’ve received a shipment of new types of keyboards developed specifically for us by Craftsmore that have the b and e close together. If you’re interested, I could give you a good deal on one!


Surprised nobody lamb-basted him for “The affects on our nation as a result of these scandals have been disastrous.”

(Mmmmm… lamb, basted…)


Mutton to see here. Move on, folks, move on. Shank ewe very much!


Shouldn’t that be “Craftsmorb,” Justin?


All the sheep/lamb/mutton puns nearly caused my brain to explode. It was like freebasing half a season of “Rocky and Bullwinkle.”


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