He’s not guilty and I’m not listening to you, ok?

Michael Gaynor shows what it’s like to be bipolar:

t seems to me that Mr. Libby is not bearing any legitimate blame for either himself or others, but that his indictment has made him an “object of irrational hostility” (because it appears to me that he is not guilty of any crime and ultimately will not be convicted of one, even if he actually is guilty, because he will not be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt).

He’s innocent, ok, maybe he isn’t but he’s not guilty, but even if he is even guilty, then he won’t be found guilty. Besides, obstructing justice or lying to investigators is just like bobbling a routine grounder:

THE Scooter, the New York Yankees’ star shortstoop [sic] Phil Rizutto, played for thirteen seasons and committed 261 errors during the regular seasons. Mistakes happen even to the best. In 1950 Rizutto was Major League Player of the Year as well as the American League’s Most Valuable Player. In that year his errors dropped to 14 from 23 the year before. But he still committed fourteen errors.

Words fail us.


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Ah, because bobbling a baseball is JUST like PERJURY!

got it…


Man, Gaynor must’ve come under a partcularly severe leprechaun attack:

Scooter Libby made an error. THE Scooter made plenty of them over his career. Neither Scooter is a criminal. And, fortunately for THE Scooter, Mr. Fitzgerald never was tasked with investigating him.

Probably because Mr. Rizutto was never perjured himself during the investigation of the outing of a CIA operative.


Wars for jesus/jews are justified with lies, lying is OK if it done for the lord.

American Soldiers play the part of “the nations” in the Republican production of “The Revelation”, screenplay by Ariel Sharon, they are dying, by the Bible so that they may go to hell, throw in “the beast” here and there, and Rich Republicans go to heaven while the planet they screwed up is left behind.

Christians so eager to live out the Revelation have assumed roles played by the anti-christ. (It makes no sense.)

Christianity must be stopped.
The jews, who twiddle the moronic Christians on puppet strings, must be stopped.


Uh, ReligiousReasonsForWarinIraq? We’re actually a SANE lefty blog. Maybe you should go post over at IndyMedia…


Probably because Mr. Rizutto was never perjured himself during the investigation of the outing of a CIA operative.

What about that time in `57?


Uh, Brad or Gavin, did one of you light the “Paranoid Antisemites Welcome” beacon again?


hate to break it to you but bipolar doesn’t have sweet fuck all with being stupid.


And the next time you think of criticizing the Bush administration just for stuff like starting a stupid, fraudulent war, consider the fact that Babe Ruth struck out over a thousand times in his career.


Even if Scooter failed, nothing succeeds like failure, so thank you very much for doing a great job Scooter — you sissy weenie loser! I hate you and your failure, God you SUCK!! But thanks for failing, even though you didn’t.

Is that understanding of the article about right?


This is literally the first article I have seen asserting that Scooter is Jewish. And I have *broad* reading habits. Really **broad**.


aha; “Libby resigns over leak. Lewis Libby, a member of Temple Rodef Shalom in northern Virginia, resigned as Vice President Dick Cheney?s top adviser after he was indicted for perjury.”


Muravchik gives Scooter’s jewishness a spin-dry:


Justin Raimondo takes Muravchik to the cleaners: AntiWar


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