Kevin Drum Asks a Good Question

Kevin Drum wonders if there’s a more effective way to fight the Alito confirmation than by engaging the wingnuts in toe-to-toe nukular combat.

I have my doubts, but I think alternatives to the traditional model are worth considering. Thoughts?


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Ultimately this is about the pre-nuclear posture. Anything else would suggest that there is a way to turn up enough heat to get the repugnicons to vote the other way. That seems naive to me. The media is still largely hostile and I think they will redouble their efforts to prop the administration up in the coming weeks. We do need to prepare the field for battle though, and the comments show some good ideas on frames to help with that. I am not much in favor of dropping the abortion debate entirely, but would like it to be framed differently than it has. Asking if the constitution was written to restrict government or the populace, then asking where in the constitution the government could assume a right to intrude in the decisions of women, seems a good way to go, but I’m probably being naive myself.


I personally doubt there’s any way to stop Alito from being confirmed. However, I think we could use his far-right judicial philosophy and beat the GOP over the head with it in the midterm elections.


Just mention his previous decisions before. Like how the pervert ok’d cops after they strip searched a ten year old child for drugs. Or how he wanted to allow employers to openly discriminate based on race and disabilty.

Appealing to sanity hasn’t worked yet, but it’s been a long time since someone as insane as him has been nominated.


My only hope is that we can pull the rug out from under them — that the confirmation drags on long enough that by the time the entire administration goes down in flames, Alito can be flicked off the table as easily as a dried fly carcass.


This is an easy one. All we have to do is get everyone at the abortion clinics, all the homosexuals, Hillary Clinton, Kos, and Michael Moore to say they think he is the greatest choice for a SC nominee ever, and watch all the coservatives try to burn him alive!


LGF is having a shit-fit over this, and have begun masturbation since the second it hit the AP wire.


This is an easy one. All we have to do is get everyone at the abortion clinics, all the homosexuals, Hillary Clinton, Kos, and Michael Moore to say they think he is the greatest choice for a SC nominee ever, and watch all the coservatives try to burn him alive!

I agree.


Ooh, Yosef, you is sooo smartz. If I had an egg, I would totally let your steely, grunting spermatazoa ravage it.

I really, really like this idea. Someone got Olbermann’s number?


Is there any real evidence that the “nukular combat” method would actually hurt the Democrats politically? I know it’s a standard part of conservative mythology that the Dems lose elections because they dare to oppose conservative judges, but I don’t see it. The conservative activists, particularly the Catholic nutballs at National Review, are obsessed with judges; normal people, including normal conservative people, don’t care. The Democrats might lose some points for being “mean” or “divisive,” but the actual act of blocking a conservative judge doesn’t strike me as a problem.


[Walks up in front of huge U.S. flag with pointer in-hand, easel (naturally) to the left]

I propose a “softening up” long-range bombing campaign, utilizing our Eyes-Only B-666 “Dude, look how fucking crazy this guy is” Bomber followed shortly thereafter by the infiltration of the Airborne Brigades (codename: “The Pitiless Jesters”) behind enemy lines. They will proceed to crack jokes at exactly how crazy this guy is, capitalizing on the heavy losses incurred by the Enemy during the initial aerial campaign, sowing flabbergast and confusion in the Enemy’s ranks. This is to be followed up by a full marine landing utilizing the First Mammary Expeditionary Force (led, of course, by the Crack Anarcha-Feminist/Radical Cheerleader [they still are unable to reach ‘consensus’ on a name] Shock Troops) to remind the Vichy Government that collaboration is not an option.

Phase I:

“He supports strip-searches of 10 year olds.”

“He supports posession of machine guns.”


Phase II:

“…Never met a death machine or underaged boy he didn’t like”


Phase III:

[waving coathanger] “Remember who put your worthless ass in that cushy office!”


I see that Phase I has already begun.

To the crews piloting the the night(ly-news) bombers: You have little to fear from the Enemy anti-airwave artillery (or “flak”) thanks to your command of the facts. For a more detailed briefing, see the provided insert: “HC-1988-1: Manufacturing Consent”.

To our brave troopers en-route in their gliders, I say this: Hopahey, today is a good day to die (of laughter)!

To the the souls in the landing craft: remember that plastic hangers, though more readily visible on-camera, can still put an eye out.

Peace, erm, or something.


Play up the “he likes to strip search children” angle. You know Karl would do it.




Dope, guns, and fucking in the streets.

But, of course, that’s my answer to everything.


What Yosef said.

Do a Dobson-style nod and wink dance: “I know something I probably shouldn’t” or “just think ‘Prince Albert in a can'”…and then watch them go nuts trying to figure it out.


There are only Hobson’s choices. I suggest simply capitulating to the wishes of the right. As Information Society once proclaimed in an 80s dance hit, “It is useless to resist us!” I would also like to offer two alternatives to left-wing panicking and splashing in the wake of the reconstitution (no pun intended) of the supreme court: row vs. wade back to the shores of reason, sanity, and common sense.


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