You Simply MUST Be Shitting Me

Drudge is parroting some of the stupidest RNC talking points ever. Per Drudge, Democrats are opposing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is because… they’re racist against Italians!

Before Judge Samuel Alito was even officially announced as President Bush?s next Supreme Court nominee, he met a wave of racial discrimination from numerous corners of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party. Because of Judge Alito?s conservative and Italian-American background he is often been compared to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and has been nicknamed by the mainstream media ?Scalito.?

This morning, on CNN?s AMERICAN MORNING host Soledad O?Brien said, ?we’ve heard the nickname ?Scalito??. which is of course combining the Scalia, Justice Scalia and Alito. Let?s talk a little bit about their similarities.? […]

One outraged Republican strategist claimed, ?If Alito were a liberal there would be no way Democrats and Washington?s media elite would use such a ethnically insensitive nickname. Italian-Americans should not have to face these types of derogatory racial slurs in 21st century America.?

Fascinating. Y’know, if we lefties were really determined to disparage Alito’s ethnicity, we probably could’ve come up with a funnier nickname than “Scalito” (I’m thinking “Judge WOPner”).

Hey! Alito ban-uh the abortion! Why you make-uh the fun?”


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When the moon a-hits your eye, like a big-a pizza pie, that’s Alito…


There dago again, the crazy wingnut bastards.

Oops! I am unmasked! Damn my uncontrollable liberal racism!


Bush Picks Alito for Supreme Court

<p>President Bush, stung by the rejection of his first choice, nominated longtime judge Samuel


“Scalito”? No way. It’s the Super Mario Judges!!!

Remember all that stuff about Political Correctness, humourless lefties and the Thought Police? That’s so last century now, isn’t it?


from wikipedia-

“Scalito” (a portmanteau of “Scalia” and “Alito” that appears to have originated in a 1992 National Law Journal article)

So he’s had that nickname for, what, 13 years?


So he’s had that nickname for, what, 13 years?

Yeah, but his old nickname was “Judge Spaghetti & Meatball.”


So if Alito were Jewish and named Aliowicz, and we started calling him “Scaliowicz,” would we be insulting Italians or Jews?


So if Alito were Jewish and named Aliowicz, and we started calling him “Scaliowicz,” would we be insulting Italians or Jews?



Oh, the face-reddening, eye-widening, vein-popping outrage from the same folks who brought us “Hitlery Clinton” and “Barney Fag.”


thank god for drudge and his sources. i didn’t realize how little i thought of my people.

his constitutional views are neato!

Misha, The Anti-rottweiler Idiotarian

Come on, everyone. It’s not cool to be insensitive to the italian-american conservative SC nominees. Especially because they’ll probably put a hit out on you.


This is the best they can do? Wow, without Rove there’s barely one brain between them, eh?


Brad, as Don Vittorio Scalito said after Homer and Krusty did that tiny bicycle trick, “Grazie, grazie. You have-a brought great joy to this old Italian stereotype.” (And then he said, ” No, we just won’t kill you. But you still owe us the money. …$48.”


Beats what his law clerks call him: Justice Fuckstick.


As Hunter on dKos wrote, being Italian and Catholic is not necessarily something to make one an asshole, despite Scalia and Alito. No — the wingnut, controlling philosophy misnamed “conservative” is what does it.

We need queens to circle the Supreme Court and Congress singing him love songs for his strong, silent dominance.



And two, your change…


Lesson learned: if you combine two Italian surnames (in order to emphasise the simiarity of views between the bearers of those names,) you get a word which sounds Italian. Ergo it is a racial slur.



Scalito is pretty bad.

How about…ummm….Mussolito?

Will that work then?

Can we vet this with the wingnuts?


As an Italian Jew, Scalito is not cool enough for my peeps.

No libito should belong to some other ethnic group all together.


Alito is Italian? Where’s the monkey organ grinder?


Let’s go with WOPner, I like it


Shee-it, we liberal Eyetalian disowned Scalia ages ago. The wingnuts are going to have to find some other ethnic group to be having hissy fits on behalf of.


But some of my best friends are greasy guineas!


Boy, this is stupid on so many levels.

For one thing…

If the intention is supposedly to mock Alito’s Italian heritage, why replace is Italian surname with a different Italian surname?

It’s like making of fun “Hanz” by giving him the nickname “Franz”.

In other words, it makes absolutely no sense.

But RNC talking points rarely do.


“In this day and age, what the f*** is this world coming to? I can’t believe this, prejudice against – a Jew broad – prejudice against Italians.”


Oh, the face-reddening, eye-widening, vein-popping outrage from the same folks who brought us “Hitlery Clinton” and “Barney Fag.”

Don’t forget Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK) who cried on the floor of the Senate about how devisive America had become, after he called for the murder of abortion doctors.


Never have I been so ashamed to be Democrat.

Guess I have to switch parties now. I mean, the racial ethnic cleansing by the thousands in New Orleans is one thing, but making millionaire Supreme Court nominees face etnic nicknames like “Scalito” is deplorable.

Besides, I heard his real nickname is Samuel “Bareback” Alito. I don’t know what that means, mind you. It’s just what I’ve heard.


I’m still laughing at what happened when the Bushies tried to throw this type of crap at their own base. “Why you just don’t like Myers because she’s a woman. Wah, wah, wah.” Of course, without their base supporting them, who was there to let them get away with it?

This one is even better, though. Like anybody freaking discriminates against Italian-Americans in 2005. Yep, next thing you know, we liberals are going to be bashing the Irish.


Viaduct? Why a duck?1?


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