Let’s just ruin this from the get-go…

“Hi, I’m Boz Scaggs, and this song is called…”

Alito be runnin’, havin’ great big fun, until he got the note…
Sayin’ toe the line or blow, and that was all he wrote.
He be makin’ like a beeline, headin’ for the borderline; goin’ for broke…

Sayin’ one more hit ought to do it,
This joint ain’t nothin’ to it,
One more for the ro-oh-oh-oh-oad…

He’s for the money, he’s for the show,
Alito’s waitin’ for the go, oh (ho!),
Whoa-oh-oh oh-o-o-ooh…

He said, “One more job ought to get it,
One last shot ‘fore we quit it
One more for the road…”


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Double post!

-Just kidding.


Are those really the lyrics to that song (aside from the “Alito” part)? Egad, what an idiotic song.


Very good, Gavin.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of this song as soon as I heard the guy’s name.


It’s “Lido” not “Alito”


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