Ho, ho, ho!!!

Merrrrrrry Fitzmas!!!!


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Ho, ho, ho!!!

Indeed! Yessiree Bob!

Ya knew it was going to happen…he’s all pasty-looking and everything.

To avoid the punditry (on both sides) read Fitz’s statement for yourself here.


Is anyone watching? Righteous indignation is very hot. And he used the subjunctive case! God, I think I’m in love.


I likes the guy. I soooo hope he keeps up the investigation.


If you want the usual chuckle, check out the 101st-ers at LGF flailing away at lancers made of straw. Who shows up, you ask? The Clenis, of course, along with the SCLWM and anything else they can get their one unoccupied hand on.


I dunno. Seems kinda anti-climatic to me…


Across the Potomac and the Maryland line
There’s a special prosecutor looking into crime
He hands out the charges when a federal law goes down
When the White House hands out lots of smoke.
Fitz don’t choke, he just does the boot Scooter boogie.

Lewis had a good job, he was the hatchet man’s chief
But when Joe Wilson piped up, he had to give him some grief
He fired up the rumor mill, to ruin the guy’s career
Got Russert, Cooper on the phone
And Valerie’s cover was blown; now it’s the boot Scooter boogie.

Yeah, State of the Union jive, U-235, false scoop
Bush mad, avenge his dad, meet me in Baghdad, we’re gonna boogie
Smoke and mirrors, Wilson cheers, 30 years, boot Scooter boogie.

The President asked, “Where are the WMD’s?”
“I’d like Miller in the hole for a month, maybe three.”
The grand jury’s meeting, and it’s hotter than a perjury lie
I see Rummy, Andy, Karl and Dick
Running and hiding, quick, to miss the Boot scooter boogie


Well, the nice thing about Fitzmas, as compared to Happy Holidaze or whatever that thing on December 25th is called, is that the investigation is continuing and it can more than once a year. Yay! Rove or Cheney next September or October would be nice… 😉


I forgot to “come.” No, no, no–not that! In this line, “[…]is that the investigation is continuing and it can more than once a year.” Is supposed to read, “[…]is that the investigation is continuing and it can come more than once a year.” Sigh.


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