But Fitzmas Won’t Be As Much Fun If Uncle Turd Blossom Doesn’t Attend!

Libby likely to be indicted. Rove won’t be, but will still be under investigation. Fitz likely to extend the term of the grand jury. (Via Josh Marshall.)


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Not as immediately satisfying but it sure sets up for a bigger present down the road. Karl still on the hook, looking probable that we’re going to get into Italy/Niger/Uranium/forgery/Ledeen and that will be some good stuff.

Is it too early to start a petition/funding drive for a statue of Fitzgerald somewhere on the mall? How did we get so lucky as to see a real honest-to-God “boy scout” on this case? I just wanna hug him.


From the Onion- we could only be so lucky:
Bush To Nominate Next Person Who Walks Through Door
WASHINGTON, DC?After Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the Supreme Court Thursday, President Bush announced that he will nominate the next person who walks through his door. “I assure the American people that the next person who enters my field of vision will be a highly qualified candidate of unimpeachable character, with a solid record, and?what’s more?a good heart,” Bush said. As of press time, 17 people were waiting outside the door, including the president’s daughter Jenna, and special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.


Indictment is a dun deal. Libby just quit.


When it says Libby, Libby, Libby
On the label, label, label
There’s a felon, felon, felon
At the table, table, table…


I don’t see Turd Blossom getting indicted, unless someone leaks some real killer evidence first that makes it impossible for your beloved “Fitz” NOT to indict him.


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