Ladies And Gentlemen, The Circle Is Complete

This just in from ResistNet, our favorite online community of berserk revolutionaries founded by a Republican PR firm:1

Iraqis Stage Massive Anti-US Protest
Posted by Candyo on April 13, 2009 at 9:15am

On the same day Obama requested millions more for war, tens of thousands of Iraqis rallied against the US occupation at a protest marking the six-year anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. Hazem al-Araji of the Sadr movement said opposition to the occupation unites differing Iraqi factions.

Hazem al-Araji: “Those million people came from Iraq to express just one opinion that is calling for the US troops to withdraw from Iraq. They are Arabs, Kurds, Sunnis and Shia. They came after the call of Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr to say ‘No! No to America.’”

Coming soon: Obama at Yalta.

1 Shirley and Banister, as sort of the rootin’, tootin’, liberal-shootin’ insurgent arm of Grassfire, featuring its president, Steve “Doop-De-Doop, Hi, I Went to Regent University” Elliott.

Also, for pure enjoyment, watch a veterans’ newsletter smack ResistNet down, and watch ResistNet invoke the rubber-glue defense.


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Oh my star and garters! Iraqis want us to leave. Shocked, I am. My gob is truly smacked.

Ungrateful wretches…


“Shirley and Banister?”

Sound like an obscure (because they stank on ice) British comedy duo of the early ’50s.


This was a very foolish and expensive foreign war, and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and ACORN should not have invaded and occupied Iraq in the first place.


The fuck?

Now they care what the Iraquis think?


…what the Iraqis think?


What do the Iroquois think?


Iroquois did not like Biden plan to split nation in 6.


Did someone give the hamsters some meth?


Mr. President, tear down this war!


Those darned blame-America-first Republicans are at it again.


Is it our turn to blare Toby Keith songs and pretend we don’t hear anyone else?


Those Iraqis know how to throw a tea party.


Now we get to blare Toby Keith and give them the finger. Hurray?


So the going get toughs and the tough start whining?

Where were these folks when, you know, the insurgency began under Bush?


Where were these folks when, you know, the insurgency began under Bush?

Surely you mean ‘when the insurgency began under Bush’, although I’ll be fair: some of them were born as early as 1976.


Whoops: the insurgency began under Clinton, whose watch extended from 1988 to 2008.

Who is this mysterious “Bush” man you people are on about?


So my sign “U.S. Out of Iraq NOW!” will be quite acceptable–even welcome–at the teabagging party?


I figured the “rubber-glue defense” was a snide exaggeration. So I popped over and read it. Wow. The only way to make it any shorter would to call it the “am not ploy.” Again, wow.


In one of the odder twists the universe has had in recent history, Toby Keith is actually a Democrat.




Whoah, whoah there, pally. That’s not what we meant by “bringing you Democracy.”


Tread carefully in the comments section of that veterans site. There’s powerful concentrated stupid in them thar hills — you couldn’t do better if you tried.

Coach Urban Meyer

Wuzza-wuzzup, imperialistic loony libs? It’s the Cool Coach here, fresh off of attending an ANSWER-Teabagging dual protest, reminding you that the Iraq War is the Obummer’s fault, as he was clamoring that Saddam had ties to Osama when us McCaniacs knew that HE DID NOT! Take that to the bank and smoke it, crazy commies! Urban out.


In one of the odder twists the universe has had in recent history, Toby Keith is actually a Democrat.

Oklahoma is divided between Democrats who look like Republicans, Republicans who look like Nazis, and conspiratorial nutjobs. The nutjobs are a decidedly mixed bag. (And unfortunately, the first thing that might come to mind there – Timothy McVeigh – is pretty normal as the centroid-country Republican base goes; he’s just slightly more insane.) But on the balance, they’re the ones worth paying attention to.


So…these people are protesting that they’re getting a tax cut, and that the war they’re against is about to wind down?

What would they do if they ever really had something to complain about?


Hahaha! Those looney libertarians and their looney antiwar groups! Don’t they know that President Obama has already ended the Iraq War and now we’re going to win win win the good war in Afghanistan? They’re obviously just jealous that we’re winning the Overseas Contingency Operation. Now THAT’S Change We Can Believe In! HaHa!


” Republicans who look like Nazis”

Nazis and Fascists generally were left-wingers.


Why don’t these people support the troops?

Why do they hate America?


Shorter CUM: Troofie’s laid up today so I was hoping one of you would wedge your head up my spread and tonguejack my prostate.


Libertarian anti-war group? And you believe this because…? Looks like a Republican anti-Obama site, as Gavin’s link and even the most cursory look at the site show, but people can go and judge for themselves.


I, well, I never thought, (this is hard to say), I think you should stop picking on those poor people. There is a front page blog post over there that uses the word “fashist” in the title. These people should be encouraged for God’s sake. “Very good! Now do you want to read another book?” “Don’t wanna. Wanna watch Fox News.” “We can watch Fox News later; let’s pick up after our blogging, OK?” “NO!!! Wanna watch Fox News NOW!” “I said later…” “Wanna teabag! Look, look! I’m teabagging!”

(Speaking of which, at the very bottom of the home page there’s a lonely little banner for the Western New York Tea Party. Saturday. April 18th. I suppose because they’re, y’know, working during the week…)


Shorter Brandi: I don’t get it.


Hey Tee Baller, remember that episode of McBain where he battled the Commie-Nazis trying to keep him from delivering the Unicef pennies?
They were taking the piss out of you, ya ignorant dumbass!


GOP Patriot of the Week Award goes to Iraqi cleric Moqtada Al Sadr for bravely standing up to the fascist dictator President Obama.



Libertarian anti-war group?

Codified Assholes Against Everything. CAAE is not exactly a an anti-war group, more an anti- everything group.


All these so-called anti-war libertarian sites are republican anti-Obama sites! It’s true! You can bet these looney libertarians were all for the war when it was Bush in the white house! But now that Obama is winning the war, suddenly they’re against it! What hypocrites these fake-libertarian republicans are!


There is a front page blog post over there that uses the word “fashist” in the title.

This Caroline character can’t be serious.


They took a spin of the Wheel of Outrage, and it just happened to land on Anti-War, which was right between, Clean Water and Seat-Belts


PeeJ: don’t forget “nuh-uh!” i was pretty amazed by their, um, response too.


“Very good! Now do you want to read another book?” “Don’t wanna. Wanna watch Fox News.”

Silly, they don’t read books, they burn them.


Bwahahahaha! That’s hilarious! Who do these rethugs think they’re fooling? Everyone knows there is only two parties in the US and only the Democratic Party is antiwar!


Um, Denny: It’s Democrat Party.


I’m not surprised that Republicans hate the troops — I remember all the cuts to veterans’ services and the refusals to pay for body armor back with GeeDub was in office — but I am a bit surprised that they’d dive into “spitting on the troops” mode so enthusiastically.


Dear deep-thinkers: “anti-war” actually has a meaning beyond “against whatever a Democratic president does after supporting a Republican president’s belligerent interventionism for 8 years with no questions asked.”


And though I wrote “thinkers” plural, it’s probably just one name-changing troll, as both comments had the same desperate flop-sweat stench. Anyhoo, both kill-listed and I’m done.


Um, Denny: It’s Democrat Party.

Technically, it’s Demonrat or DemocRAT party, or a similar variation thereof.


Reported by Candyo?

Does Ric Ocasek know what she’s been up to after all these years?


Only republican trolls in the pay of Karl Rove use the term “democrat.” It’s “Democratic” to all of us passionate democratic party members who support President Obama and the OCO so you just better watch what you say from now on. haHA!


Yeah, I’s say tigrismus and BillE are the same right wing troll. Kill-list ’em both!


Knock yourself out, it’s a free country. I’ll only cry a little bit. *sniffle*


good job, gavin m. next, spend your day explaining to the internet: how the first 1,000,000 Iraqis died just to make Bush look bad, and how the next 1,000,000 Iraqis will die just to make Obama look bad.


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