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Another ingenious piece from WorldNetDaily:

Amazon reviewers give ‘Marketing of Evil’ 5 stars

WND Managing Editor David Kupelian’s new blockbuster book ? “The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom” ? has garnered a rare five stars on, based on reader reviews.

Wow! And when the prestigious Amazon reviewers praise a book, you know it must be good!


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I reckon all this phoney, whipped-up psuedo-controversy about the lifestyle aspects of Christianity is simply intended to distract us from the essential feature of Merkin Evangelicalism, which is its Zionism. And I also reckon that to the extent that the Left gets caught up in debunking all this, without seeing that it is a red herring, without dragging popular attention back to the problem of Zionism, the Left is just as much a part of the smoke n mirrors as the Right is.

End support for Zionism. Before you find yourselves fighting World War Four for real, with Russia, China, and eventually Europe, against you.



Rowan –
You’re about 9 posts too high.


“Israel says admission of Mossad activity in NZ was typing error (Reuters) : Israel on Wednesday blamed a clerical error for a government statement that appeared to admit that the Mossad intelligence agency had been operating in New Zealand last year.”

— you know what I mean? Gimme a fuckin break …


Yesterday I saw a report on funny Amazon reviews dissing the famous books on Time’s “greatest since 1923” list. It was hilarious. One said that they read Lord of the Flies thinknig it would be like survivor and it was not! It was awful! speaking of how smart Amazon reviewers are.


Here is the link for it

Also here are some of the comments I liked:
?While the story did have a great moral to go along with it, it was about dirt! Dirt and migrating. Dirt and migrating and more dirt.?
(Grapes of Wrath)

“This book isn?t as good as Harry Potter in MY opinion, and no one can refute me. Tastes are relative!?

?I don?t see why this book is so fabulous. I would give it a zero. I find no point in writing a book about segregation, there?s no way of making it into an enjoyable book. And yes I am totally against segregation.?
(To Kill a Mockingbird)


Thanks a mil, Ern. Now I have Duke’s book on my Amazon history….

I also checked out the reviews for the Marketing of Evil. The best part was one guy bitching about the one-star reviews by people who hadn’t read the book. Except there weren’t any. (yet!)


Anna, that link doesn’t work.


End support for Zionism. Before you find yourselves fighting World War Four for real, with Russia, China, and eventually Europe, against you.

OK, this drives me nuts.

End support for the occupation and settlement policies, sure. But dude, Israel isn’t going anywhere. It’s going to continue to exist. The best thing to do would be to get a legit Palestinian state and hopefully get the two alongside each other.


Hey, Rowan, did you write any of those stellar reader reviews for the David Duke book?


Brad, I agree. It is kind of like saying we should give America back to the Indians.

I think it was a terrible idea in the first place, part of the 19th century nation-state craze that also gave us fascism, but it’s too well-entrenched now, and there will have to be some compromise.

There was a Kos diary yesterday about this, but it quickly devolved into accusations of anti-semitism. (as has this thread, apparently)

I don’t see the use of accusing critics of Israeli unilateralism of being anti-semites, any more than I see the use of accusing critics of Bush as being anti-American.

Israel is fucking up, and until they aren’t, it ought to be said. (for that matter, both sides are fucking up, but it looks like Israel holds most of the cards right now…)


Basically, I support Israel’s right to peace and security. I don’t support their policy of building settlements on other peoples’ land. I think that’s a pretty clear distinction.


Er, right … to get back to the book, did you ever notice how the nuttier the book, the longer and more contentious the subtitle? It’s almost as if you needn’t read the whole thing, just internalize the subtitle as your talking point.


“This book isn?t as good as Harry Potter in MY opinion, and no one can refute me. Tastes are relative!?

Hard to argue with that one, Orwell was a terrible writer. His musings on literature were child-like.



Wow. As many people reviewed that book as have commented about it here.

Truly a representative sample of all Americans.

Wimps. Nerds. Dickless. WND.


We all had a good laugh at our American cousins over those Amazon reviews. Still, I can’t help but think the review of Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was a classic Harry Hutton leg-pull. One long advertisement for Turkish Delight, indeed. If not Hutton, then at least somebody very like him.

And, oh yes, Berkeley: do piss off, there’s a good little nazi.


Rowan is right on.
Christian zionists will always have a vendetta against “magog” (Northern Europe, isn’t it ironic that white European Bible followers are celebrating their own destruction, praising moses as he crushes Amalek? No wonder the birth rate is heading towards extinction throughout the west, it’s not abortion, rather it’s a more pure form of Christianity being worshipped then our ansestors, akin to a purer form of heroin, Snorting Christianity destroys families, just like any other dangerious drug) Today zionist religion is being sexed up to sell to teens, akin to Joe Camel to children.

Rock the Fuck On.


This has gotta be a plant:

I like David Duke books because they are full of truth i am a younag white russian male above iq awarage first i read Jewish Suprimisism in russian and it open my eyes on jews and their hate aganest our people the russian name of the book was “Jewish Question form the eye of an American” and this book is good for americans because it talks about rasial problem in USA wich ofcouse was crated by Jews it the truth book every one shoudlk rrread


Right on, Brad (as usual).
The current Israeli government is dominated by bastards- not unlike our own. That’s not necessarily a reflection on the majority of the country (though the settlers in the Palestinian territories are nutzoids).


First of all Rowan, I am seeking pity? Do you have any of that for me today?

All kidding aside, Noam Chomsky, who opposes modern Zionism claims that the original meaning of Zionism was consistent with his support for a Jewish homeland, but not a Jewish state, per se.

Do you consider your views to be compatible with those of Chomsky, or would you go even further in distancing yourself from modern Zionism?


In related news, a guy who works at Capitol Hill Comics gave a scathing review of “Domino,” a Kiera Knightley vehicle, dismissing it as “Lame,” and “Fucking stupid.”

Seriously, reader reviews are now newsy enough for a press release? WTF?


Where’s the part about the culture of torture? The “Stand up for yourself” meme that is used to abandon the poor or unfortunate?

The part where either you stand up for Jesus or it’s ok to spit on you?

Some book!


The fact is, and this is not in dispute, that Jewish people are the heads of, or in position of power in, all the major news and entertainment companies. Is there anything wrong in this? Well, on its face no, until you discover that most of the people in question are Zionist or Zionist-sympathic. The impact of this is that they are, by and large, anti-Christian.

Yes, dear.


I find Chomsky problematic, though I would encourage people to read him (unfortunately many of my leftist friends, though few of my rightist ones, deal with problematic writers by banning discussion of them, on the theory that thoughtcrime is a contagious disease).

Good and well informed critique of Chomsky by the (veteran american jewish leftist) Jeff Blankfort, here.

By the way there is a totally irresistable picture of Lynx and lamb here. Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, as we say in England.


The impact of this is that they are, by and large, anti-Christian.

Who said that nonsense? Probably some conservative.
Christianity has everything to do with Judiasm being at the top of the ladder.

White people have no connection to “the tribes of Israel”. I know the people who believe it are morons so what I say is in vain, but stop kidding yourselves. Whites would have a better chance of survival by ditching the religion that puts the interests of himself and his community far behind the jew, zionism, and JC’s return.


I like the way this thread is crackling along, and I hope it stays sweet fresh and legal.

Now to truly diagnose your condition Doc, we need resort to an analogy, and it is this, namely, the work of the ultimate subcultural icon, Francis E. Dec, Esquire, of 29 Maple Avenue, Hampsted, NY:

“Deformed, crippled, weak and brain damaged, senile. Lingering for inevitability of gradualness extermination. For your only hope for a future, do you know one word of pray for me, Francis E. Dec?”

Kooks Museum Dec Audio Archive”


p.s. “Basically, I support Israel’s right to peace and security. I don’t support their policy of building settlements on other peoples’ land. I think that’s a pretty clear distinction.”

Um, that was never a clear distinction, even before Bibi got his paws on it. It is often suggested that there was a legitimate Israel, behind the 1967 borders, that was compromised by the settlement movement, but this is really not true. The entire exercise, from Balfour onwards, was a demonstration of pressure group politics in defiance of common justice. Now you may blanch at the idea of unwinding it, but it will only get worse unless it is unwound without further ado. Note : we do not propose to “drive the Jews into the sea”, let alone slit their throats ; we propose to force them to make the same adjustment that the Whites in South Africa made. One state, from the Mediterranean coast to the Jordan, with liberty and justice for all. Tell me that’s wrong, if you dare.


I Will Bleed For You
(by Ken McLellan)

I see you all around me. I see the apathy in your eyes, knowing not what it means to be free, watching as the White flame dies.

It means nothing to you, Pride is an unknown trait. Tell me what are you gonna do run and hide or face the hate?

To every man who doesn’t dream, I am the Dreamer. To every man who doesn’t believe, I’m the Believer. To every man who doesn’t Receive. I’m the receiver. To every man who refuses to bleed, I will bleed for you.

Well you’re walking round in circles, burying your head in the sand. Watching but not caring, while they rape your land. Turning your face to the wall, living in a second class world, while the valiant stand and fall. You just do as your told. Tell me how do you live with yourself?

Hang your head in shame. Have you no pride in your heritage, and no pride in your name? I’m glad that I’m not like you. I know my children are proud of me. While yours still suffer too, mine I know will always stay free.

audio at: one
hear also:two


But dude, Israel isn’t going anywhere. It’s going to continue to exist

It will not exist at some point without either some huge influx of immigration or another bout of ethnic cleansing even within the green line.

It will go away, or it will require some massive crime that goes beyond the millions of refugees who are uniquely told that based on religion/ethnicity that they can never return to their homes.


That or they take the sufferage window dressing away from the Arab population.


What has happened in a nutshell is this : on the one hand, religion has been discredited (by nazism) and on the other hand judaism has been placed beyond criticism (by nazism) – go figure.


this movie was the lamest movie i have ever seen in my entire LIFE.


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