The Nightmare Before Fitzmas

Teh funny.


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OT – but check out the comments over at LGF about 2,000 dead. Christ, these people are heartless.
‘It was supposed to be so easy.’


Yeah, that LGF crowd loves the troops alright. I’m sure if any of them had a relative die in Iraq, they would be singing a different tune. Of course, none of the posters are currently serving in Iraq, so they can take such a nonchalant, Rah-Rah, Go Iraq! stance without feeling any guilt for supporting one of the most poorly planned military campaigns in human history.

On the other hand, looking at the Fitzmas pictures, did you notice the fat dude’s way-cool Dungeons & Dragons guide? Awesome.


It’s all just an action movie to those intellectually stunted manchildren. Bang bang, rah-rah, none of them even have the capacity to imagine what a war actually entails. They have no stake in it, they just want more dead brown people, however that happens.


Nailing xians for war crimes misses the point. The war in the Near East is as much the product of Jewish pressure as of Christian mania or oil desire (and the oil majors are actually on record as having argued AGAINST it). So why hit on xians, they are just the pawns?


xians, christians, fuck it, I am so hip


Christians are just pawns? Of the Jews? Say, Rowan, you aren’t reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, are you?


(a) the Protocols are a SATIRE – are you familiar with the concept of satire, dan?

(b) wtf does the Protocols have to do with all this anyway? Are you just doing some sort of “anyone who hassles the Jooz, lets hit em with max abuse” routine, Dan?


When all else fails, just blame the Jews, right? Find a new scapegoat.


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