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A fellow from the PostWatch blog (link thanks to Roger Ailes) writes:

Iraq’s Untold Story: Progress on the Power Front

Which is followed by a link to an article to some super duper local electricity project. Awesome. Of course, one does have to focus on the micro level, when the big picture sucks:

In the electricity sector, Administration officials promised to increase peak electricity output to at least 6,000 megawatts. But Iraq has never come close to achieving this objective. By August 26, 2005, Iraq’s peak output was just 4,635 megawatts, only slightly above the pre-war level of 4,400 megawatts. Actual summer demand was 8,600 megawatts, leading State Department officials to concede that ?[w]e’ll never meet demand.? In August 2005, Iraqis living in Baghdad had just two hours of power followed by four hours without power throughout the day.

Well, maybe they can shoot the messenger, since the report was commissioned by Democrats:

The report used U.S. government audits and briefings and documents from the State Department’s Iraq Reconstruction Management Office in Baghdad.



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I couldn’t stand to see this comment thread lay bare for a second longer!

The mental gymnastics that one must go through to prove left-wing bias at the WaPo are truly a sight to behold. Too bad the tooly mctoolerson that is the PostWatch guy can’t ever stick a landing.


OK, this is completely OT, but bear with me…
Gregor Samsa, if I’m not mistaken, you used to use the handle “Greg H” over here in comments (if I’m mistaken, you can stop reading now, ‘cos it’s all downhill from here). Yet, at some point, you either started posting to the blog side of 3Bulls or always did under your current nic. Over here, you’d already started (don’t really know when) at 3B, when you took a bit of a hiatus from here and when you returned a couple of weeks ago or so, new nic. So, anyway, I’m just curious as to why. It’s six more letters to type… um, unless you’re using the “Remember My Information” checkbox, I suppose.
Yeah, I know–curiosity, cats, etc. But I’m more of a dog person.


I like dogs too! PupH is my constant companion.

You figured it out Marq. Gregor Samsa was an old nickname of mine and I felt like a change. (Since Gregor Samsa is a character in the Kafka story Metamorphosis that undergoes a rather extreme change it seemed a good choice).


Plus the rest of us call him Roach Boy anyway.


Sometimes we call him COBAG too!!1!!!! LOL@!


There’s nothing wrong with posting under different names on different sites.


I never reall bother trying to figure outh wo is who. Some stick out, others don’t. I do know who the Editors are, but that’s a fluke of fate.


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