Could this truly be the day?

Hey, what’s that thing at the top of the page? A logo? A Sadly, No! logo?


What’s next, the return of the style switcher? A choice between dark-on-light and light-on-dark? Even more Songs from Prussian Blue?

Two out of three can’t be bad! We’ll let you pick the ones you prefer.


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Prussian Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hell yes. The logo looks schweeeeeet.


parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus
— horace, ars poetica


Logo? I’m not seeing it D:



Hmm…whit supremacist music sung by tone deaf 10 year olds or fun buttons to hit…hmm…decisions decisions…


Oh spoke too soon, there it is. How jolly.



it would look better on a black background


it would look better on a black background

Have patience- that’s coming.





Very nice. I even think it looks good on the blue, but I wouldn’t call that Prussian blue – a little too much yellow :-p

Jones the Dolphin

Switcher, unless you can run the little Twitlers through Pro Tools to tune the fuckin’ guitar and harmonize their voices. I think there’s a plug-in that changes lyrics, too.
Nice logo, too, BTW.


nice : >


1) Geez guys! I can’t believe you missed the perfect opportunity to give a shout out to all the Nazi blog stalkers:

“Es Tut Mir Leid, Aber Nein!”

2) I have two problems with the logo-


I’m not sure you fully understand the awesome power of the kitties of doom. Do you realize that if you want to blog dominate the world, it can’t be done sans kitties,?

Sadly, No!


Es ist gut. Zehr gut! Aber, ich preferen rrrrrrred.


Bitte excusen meinen Deutchlandin gesprechen. Ist es nacht so gut.


Cool logo but does it have a subliminal “s.z.” message?


You need direction. I suggest you look at Seeing the Forest’s, (a great blog by the way), stunning logo. Nothing says ?seeing the forest like hundreds of camouflaged deer legs.


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